Ask a Witch

All witches from all walks have questions from time to time. Be it simple curiosities or understanding of the effects of a spell, ritual, or tool before use. Informed practice is the best practice regardless of the type of magic being used. We don’t discriminate, judge, or tear down here. What you practice is your individual choice and we support that 100%. However, all magic is powerful and can cause harm. Questions and answers here can prevent catastrophes. They can also provide education to non-practitioners who fear magic because they don’t understand it, for an added bonus effect.

We don’t claim to have an answer for everything. A lot but not all.  What we do have is several practitioners from several paths on staff and a physical connection with witches from all over and across varied paths (both light and dark) that are happy to answer questions and share what they know in our Ask a Witch Forum. Ask questions, get answers!