Author: Elyse Welles

I am a practicing witch for over ten years on 3 continents, with 5 years of experience in an eclectic Faery Tradition coven. I am a regular contributor of pagan articles for Sunflower Journal, and the Metaphysical Times, and have been published in The Wild Hunt, Yellow Arrow Journal, Free Verse Revolution, and Gypsophila Magazine, among others. My debut novel, "Witch on the Juniata River", is forthcoming from Running Wild Press. I also cohost the Magick Kitchen Podcast and teach spirit of place, sacred travel, and magickal living online, as well as through tours of Greece's temples and spiritual sites. For more information on upcoming workshops and more, and to sign up for my newsletter, visit or follow me at the social links below, as well as my YouTube channel, Seeking Numina, for tours and meditations at spiritual sites around the world. Learn magickal living with me at