Cat Gina Cole

Titles: Author of Psychic Skills for Magic and Witchcraft
Free lance author and contributor for Amazon, The House of Twigs, Green Egg Magazine, and the Metaphysical Times

Cat Gina Cole was raised in a magical system by her mother and grandmother who initiated her into the
family tradition at age 13. Over the years she was taught the ways of a Hedge witch, Wortcunning, and “The Knowing” which is a mix of clairsentience, personal gnosis, and psychic ability.
By the age of 18, she was adept in clairvoyance, UPG, dream work, astral travel, mediumship, and empathic skills.

She later used those skills in her work as a Dual Diagnosis counselor. During her 15 years of counseling, Cat worked at the Salvation Army ARC, The city detox, methadone clinics, and The Native Nations in Portland Oregon.

She stepped into the public arena at age 50 through Rowan Tree Pagan Ministries. There, she began teaching, became an Ordained Pagan Minister and High Priestess and ran RTPM as a public organization for five years before going non-public.

She later founded the initiatory coven and school, by the name The Coven of the Rising Phoenix in 2016 Then in 2022 she handed off The Coven of The Rising Phoenix to the next generation she trained so she could focus on writing.

In February of 2020, she was added to the Grey Council by Oberon Zell and began writing for his magazine The Green Egg. That same month she secured a book contract with Llewellyn for Psychic Skills for Magic and Witchcraft.

Her passion is helping the greater Pagan community through networking and creating spaces for like-minded folks to gather. This is why I created The Rogue Valley Pagans Group, The Klamath Falls Pagan Spiritual Group, The Grants Pass Pagans Group, The Roseburg/Umpqua Valley Pagans group, and The Elders and Leaders Group on Facebook so that those folks would have a place to communicate and share.

Why Metaphysical Times?

Through my networking passion I found the Metaphysical Times and find their mission aligns with mine and happily volunteered to become a contributor on Psychic Skills for the greater Pagan communities benefit.

Where can we find you outside of Metaphysical Times?


Facebook: Earthwitchcatginacole