Metaphysical Times Scholarship and Attendance Fund

On going education is an integral part of living. The more we learn, the more we grow, and growth is the purpose of life. We are huge supporters of ongoing learning of any kind, but most wholeheartedly in creativity and innovation. Things that move the world forward.

There are many programs, conferences, summits, and events that take place all around the world, that offer education, training, and growth for individuals, but they can be costly. We want to reach a point where we can provide scholarships and/or purchase tickets to events such as these for members of our Pagan community.

We can’t do that ourselves, yet. So, we are setting up this fund and funneling portions of purchases of merchandise, products, and services of Metaphysical Times into this fund. Donations are accepted and appreciated as well.

Beginning in 2023, we will use these funds to make donations that pay for program fees for as many individuals as the funds will allow as scholarships, purchase advance tickets to conferences and events that further education (not entertainment events, there will be separate options for that set up soon) at our discretion and on an as needed basis.

More details to come. If you are interested in being a part of the building of this fund, either by donating time, products or services, money, or promotion, please reach out. We appreciate any help we can get helping and supporting members of our community achieve their goals and creative endeavors.