Natural Magics

Magic, or energy, is present in everything in nature. Practitioners use items representative of the elements based on the energies they contain and combine them to achieve a goal. 

Be that goal a task (spell), prayer (ritual), or anchor (place holder), adding an item that represents but also contains or conducts the energy to the formation of the goal amplifies the effect. 

Here you will find articles and information about the elements, the effects they have, and what can be done with them to perfect your practice. 

Lammas Featured Stone- Green Aventurine

Aventurine balances and aligns the physical, emotional, intellectual, and auric bodies, making the optimal structure and action inherent in one’s being. The green version clears, activates, and protects the Heart Chakra. It balances the Male/Female energies, enhancing creativity and motivation. It reinforces decisiveness and amplifies leadership abilities.