Affiliate Program

Want to help us reach all of the rapidly growing pagan market in your community and make a little money doing it? Become a Metaphysical Times Affiliate!

It’s our goal to become the #1 news source for the Pagan Community. We can’t reach that goal alone though. We need people excitedly talking about and sharing the news that a print newspaper that caters to the Pagan Community exists, but it has to be genuine. We aren’t a fly-by-night novelty and we aren’t looking for superficial sales. We want to build connections and a real global community of people willing to help each other succeed.

Funds that come in through our affiliate marketing system give a little back to the people that help us grow, but it also provides the funds for us to host events, sponsor other people and organization’s events, create scholarships, and so much more.

Becoming an affiliate is free. You’ll receive an affiliate code that can be promoted anywhere, creates an account that tracks sales of any of our products or services with the code applied, and pays a small commission to you for just spreading the word about us. Sign up and start earning today!

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