Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance comes in many different forms from all different directions. For those of us attuned to the spiritual aspect of life, we hear from spirit guides and others on a regular basis and the messages are frequently not for us exclusively. They could be for anyone, but they are definitely intended for someone. Sometimes we are told or shown who, but more often that not, it’s just the what we are shown.

We share many aspects of spiritual practices with our readers, and have included a tarot reading from a reader in every issue of the paper up to this point. We love that we’ve had writers willing to dedicate their time to doing a reading for the holiday and sharing that reading with us for 16 issues now, but because our readers are eclectic, we believe our content should be as well.

We created this expandable space where more reading types, from different readers, can be shared with our masses and accommodate their wants and needs, but also expose them to new types they might not be aware of. It’s also a space for special messages from spirit guides, to those that seek or need them.

We believe in the importance of messages getting to their intended. We don’t know who needs to know what or when, but we know that we need to be a place where messages get through to those that need them. We hope this space serves you well and the messages you receive lead to the things you seek.

To submit a reading, visit our Write for Us page and submit it as an article. It will set you up with an author profile on our back end and you can get feedback, accolades, questions, and possibly new followers who benefited from your free reading via your clickable bio on your article. Best part, it’s free!

Spiritual Messages will be handled a bit differently. They are messages from the universe/spirit, not writing opportunities. We want the message to be the focus point, not the who, so we will be publishing them with The Universe as the author.

They will be posted verbatim and without any editing, as we believe that aspects like spelling/grammar are part of what can make a message identifiable to someone reading it as for them, and changing it in any way would interfere with the message getting to it’s intended recipient.

Commenting on them will be an option, so recipients can report back on how the message benefited them and give gratitude if they choose to and conversations can be carried.

***Please Note*** Comments regarding spelling/grammar of the message, or claiming the message was yours, will be deleted. If spelling/grammar errors bother you, take it up with the Universe outside and away from our comment section. If the message was truly from the Universe, credit by a person is not needed.

Spiritual Messages can be submitted via email to mettimessubmissions@gmail.com with “Spiritual Message” in the Subject line.

Please do not submit articles or readings to be published via email. They will be rejected without notice.