The option to Distribute the Metaphysical Times Newspaper at your local shop is back with a few changes we think you will appreciate.

We’ve reworked the system and distribution of the newspaper is back with a few key changes. The first being we increased the cost of the print newspaper to $3.50/issue beginning July 15th, 2022. The 2nd is distributors get a 50% discount per copy. The 3rd is that advertising is not a requirement in either direction.

No advertising necessary. It can be added at a 15% discount per issue using your Distributor Discount/Affiliate Code that will be provided in via email.

We received a tremendous amount of feedback from the Beltane Issue and appreciate everyone who called, emailed, and messaged us with concerns and provided feedback. We listened and we are working to improve the system so that it is beneficial, long-living, and helpful to everyone.

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