Distribution is back baby and it’s better than ever!

We already know that customers squeal with delight when they find out a newspaper like ours exists. Finding out that there is a magazine to go with it now too just adds to their happiness. Being able to get them from a shop or business that they already love and support is bonus for you!

As a Distributor of our print Newspaper and/or Metaphysical Times Full Moon Magazine you’ll receive:

  • 20 print copies of the newspaper, magazine, or both at a time and order more copies if you need them shipped right to you (no more shipping to us then to you for savings all around)!
  • printable signage for placing in your establishment
  • a 35% discount on our paid advertising services
  • enrollment in our affiliate marketing program that gives you a 20% commission on sales we get from your customers with your affiliate code applied at check out.

The Newspaper is $7.99/print copy retail. Includes Shipping.
The magazine is $14.99/print copy retail. Includes Shipping.
Tax should be added based on your tax rate when and where you sell them.

As a distributor, the Newspaper total cost for 20 print copies is $107.50, includes tax and shipping. Retail value $150.80.  

Full Moon Magazine total cost for 20 copies is $197.95 includes tax and shipping. Retail value $299.80.  

If you need less than 20 copies, let us know how many you want and we’ll give you a cost for that amount. 

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