Become a Distributor and share the joy of Metaphysical Times with your customers! Our print Newspaper and Full Moon Magazine are highly sought-after, and being able to offer them in your establishment will not only delight your customers but also increase your revenue.

As a Distributor, you’ll receive 20 print copies of the newspaper, magazine, or both at wholesale the wholesale price per copy shipped right to you. You’ll also get printable signage to place in your establishment and a 35% discount on our paid advertising services. Plus, you’ll be enrolled in our affiliate marketing program, which gives your customers $1 off their purchase from us and you get a 20% commission on sales with your code applied at checkout.

If you need less than 20 copies, let us know how many you want, and we’ll give you a cost for that amount. Join our community of Distributors today and bring the magic and joy of Metaphysical Times to your customers!


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