Distribution is back baby and it’s better than ever!

Now you can get 20-100 copies at 40% off retail per copy and put a little jingle in your register (an extra $1.40 per copy) for the effort! You can even return unsold copies (postage paid for up to 10 copies included) in good condition for a $1 credit per copy to be applied to a future order of 20 – 100 copies!

We use returned copies as marketing materials at events and as back issues, so we need them returned in good condition. Growth of our reach is imperative to our business, so recycling unsold copies this way helps us grow our reach. Our growth helps distributors gain new and repeat customers issue after issue for at least a year at a time. If you aren’t carrying copies of the paper you really are missing out!

Just carrying and selling print copies is great all by itself. We’ve talked with our subscribers and they love that there is a print newspaper that caters specifically to them as pagans. They paid $20/year to have print copies of a free paper delivered to them 2 years in a row and us shifting to a paid paper hasn’t slowed them down any!

With Paganism on the Rise now is a great time to become a carrier of a print and digital newspaper that caters to a massive global audience. Pagans are people and they buy a lot more stuff than just the tools of their trade. They appreciate and support businesses that they know support, or at least accept, their way of life. As a distributor of a metaphysical newspaper made just for them, they know that is your business too!

We are still working out a lot of details and have plans to roll out new features that will make distributorship even more valuable and helpful for your business over time.

Here are just a few examples of what’s happening now and what’s coming up:

1) Adding the option for paid subscribers to pick up copies at a physical location near them to save paying shipping costs and get their copies sooner.

As a distributor your location can be added the drop down list on our sales pages and subscribers can select the location near them that they want to pick up their subscription from. We send their copy (specially marked) to you each issue for a year. Bringing them into your shop at least 8 times a year!

2) The digital market is huge and growing consistently, so, we are capturing that digital market and selling copies to them too!

We are working out the details so that distributors can pre-purchase and resale digital copies (wholesale $2.10/copy, retail $3.50/copy) and digital subscriptions ($30 retail, $18 wholesale) along side print copies and print subscriptions for the readers who prefer digital over print.

3) Discount codes! Who has customers that don’t like saving a little money wherever they can? If you create a discount code exclusively for all of our paid subscribers, they get extra incentive to shop with you specifically when they drop in to pick up their copy. It can be whatever code you want and it can be for whatever denomination works for you, so you can get really creative with it. We add it to a growing list that only our paid subscribers get access to. It will also help you track your sales that come in from our customers.

4) Advertising and pre-sale customer relations building- Ever wish you had an extra opportunity before a customer comes in the door to make a great impression?

Distributors get added to the customer facing Locations List on our website so new customers visiting our website can see exactly where to go to get print copies near them, but we do more than that. We also link each listing directly to our distributor’s website or FB Business Page. This allows potential new customers to view the business and in some cases interact immediately for amazing customer service, before they ever step through the door.

Lots more benefits for distributors is still to come! Get started today!

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