Causes We Support

One of the biggest selling points of Metaphysical Times for us is its ability to connect people with the people and things that they need to live happy, healthy, lives. Supporting causes and giving back in the ways that we can are a huge part of that. Owning a media outlet allows us to do more of it in bigger and better ways than we can do individually.

The world is a very big place and there are more causes in the world than we can ever support ourselves. It doesn’t make these any less or more important than all of the others, but they are what affect the lives of our staff and supporters most directly. We hope that by sharing them here, the people who need them get what they need. What we put out, we also receive.

PKD Foundation– Christy Mann, Owner and Publisher here at Metaphysical Times was diagnosed with PKD in 2016. In August of 2021, complications from a vaccine happened and sent her from stage 1 of the disease to stage 3, very quickly. Progression can sometimes be slowed, but not stopped or prevented, and damage cannot be reversed.

There is no cure and treatment at this time is focused on protecting kidney, heart, pancreas, and liver function as much as possible for as long as possible by managing blood pressure and avoiding anything that can speed up damage. Dialysis and transplant are imminent, but when is always up in the air. Learn more about the disease and how you can support Christy and others fighting the disease and finding a cure at