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Welcome to Metaphysical Times, where we’re more than just a publication—we’re a supportive and empowering community dedicated to serving our members well.

What We Offer:

  • Abundance of Content:
    • Dive into 12 issues of Full Moon Magazine and 8 issues of Metaphysical Times Newspaper, packed with insights, rituals, spiritual practices, and thought-provoking articles. This abundance of information is designed to help you grow and achieve your full potential.
  • Member Support Services:
    • GoFundMe Support: We actively share and support GoFundMe campaigns initiated by our members on our social media platforms. By amplifying their reach and impact, we help our members achieve their fundraising goals and make a difference in their lives and communities.
    • Connections with Trusted Service Providers: Need a trusted professional? Let us know your needs, and we’ll connect you with trusted service providers within our community. These professionals have been vetted by us, ensuring that you receive reliable and quality services when you need them most.
    • Advocacy Campaigns: At Metaphysical Times, we stand up for causes that matter. We support advocacy campaigns created by our members, amplifying their voices for mental health, environmental sustainability, social justice, and more.
  • Future Plans: Award Programs:
    • In our ongoing commitment to our community, we have a vision to establish award programs that celebrate and honor the outstanding contributions and achievements of our members. While these programs are not yet in place, they represent our dedication to continually enhancing the support and recognition within our community.
  • Your Contribution Matters:
    • By subscribing to Metaphysical Times, you’re not just gaining access to our content—you’re becoming an integral part of a collective effort. Your subscription, along with merchandise purchases and donations, contributes to the growth and support of our community. Together, we create a network of support where no one is doing any one thing alone. Your involvement helps us empower each other, amplify our voices, and create positive change.
  • Tangible Assistance:
    • Whether it’s providing financial aid during tough times, connecting you with essential services, or championing your advocacy efforts, our pooled funds are put to work to make a real difference in your lives. When you support Metaphysical Times through subscriptions or contributions, you’re investing in a community that cares and takes action.

Join Our Community:

Metaphysical Times isn’t just about subscribing to a newspaper and magazine—it’s about becoming part of a caring and impactful community. By joining us, you’re embarking on a journey of empowerment and support. Together, we create a space where individuals can thrive, find support, and make a difference.

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  • Exclusive Content: Delve into articles, interviews, and investigations available only to our members.
  • Extended Articles: Dive deeper into the stories that matter, with in-depth analysis and expert insights.
  • Podcast Access: Listen to thought-provoking discussions and metaphysical musings on the go.
  • Discount Codes: Save on metaphysical merchandise and event tickets with our exclusive member-only discounts.
  • Free Digital Issues: Enjoy the latest digital editions of the Metaphysical Times newspaper and magazine, downloadable from the Members’ Only page. Your hub to access all your member benefits!

Extraordinary Support:

Community Care:

  • Support in Difficult Times: The Metaphysical Times community stands together in times of need.
    • GoFundMe Support: We will share and support GoFundMe campaigns circulated by our members on our social media platforms, amplifying their reach and impact.
    • Connections with Trusted Service Providers: Need a trusted service provider? Let us know your needs, and we’ll connect you with professionals we know and trust within our community.
    • Advocacy Campaigns: We support advocacy campaigns created by our members, amplifying their voices for causes that matter.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What is included in the membership?
    • Our membership includes all-access to exclusive content, extended articles, podcast access, discount codes, and free digital issues of the newspaper and magazine.
  • How often is new content released?
    • We release new content regularly, ensuring our members are always at the forefront of metaphysical exploration.
  • Can I cancel my membership anytime?
    • Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time. Your access will continue until the end of your current billing cycle.

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