Being a new print and online newspaper for the pagan community, our low, flat rates gives our advertisers several huge advantages. Growth as we grow, no cost per click, a set ad spend budget! You can Bundle Ad Services together and save too! Check out our newspaper advertising services below!

We’ve just added a new monthly magazine that we will be rolling out August 1st! It’s called the Metaphysical Times Full Moon Magazine and we have special offers for advertising and bundles for advertising in both the paper and the magazine.

As a sponsor of Iowa Pagan News Radio, the Pagan Rights Coalition, and Utah Pagan Markets, our growth has picked up we aren’t slowing down any time soon. It’s a great time to get more bang for your buck! 

You’ll find flat rates per issue, bundled packages for added savings, tracking services, and the ability to purchase your ad(s) at the touch of a button below. Contact us for customized ad packages and sponsorships at [email protected]

Newspaper Ad Services

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