Advertising Services

As a metaphysical media company that produces newspapers and sends them to readers globally, we give relevant and important content to our rapidly growing reader base on a regular basis via our website’s exclusive content and in each of the 8 issues we produce of the newspaper.

As a business interested in advertising, Metaphysical Times offers unique and affordable options to get your business seen by a niche but large global market of like minded individuals who subscribe and read the paper for more than just entertainment purposes. They learn about who around them is accepting of them despite differing beliefs. Beliefs have nothing to do with whether or not they as a person need a service or a product and they would prefer to get their products and services from businesses who get that.

There is a real and genuine hunger in the pagan community for connecting with businesses and individuals that welcome and treat customers as people regardless of their beliefs, but also sexual preferences, race, etc. They are passionate about inclusivity not exclusivity, and will go above and beyond to support and shop at businesses and join organizations and associations that they know accept them, whether they be pagan shops or not, be it here in Utah or abroad.

We show them who those businesses, organizations, and associations are. You show them its you by advertising your goods and services to them, through us.

We have ad space in several sizes, offer a monthly flat rate (no bidding wars that drive your ad spend budget through the roof month after month), limit space and monitor views and clicks to ensure every ad gets as much equal exposure to our audience as possible for full 6 week cycles. We even give those numbers to you at the end of each cycle. Plus, get a 12 month digital subscription to the Newspaper and Full Moon Ezine on us too! (see sales page for ad spaces for details)

Are you ready to tell one of the biggest global markets you support them and have them support you too!?! You’ll be glad you did!

Advertising Services

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