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Sponsorship Package

Working to bring people together is a major theme at Metaphysical Times. Having them work together is an integral part of that and leading by example is one of the best ways, in our opinion to do more.
As a media outlet, we have a unique opportunity to help businesses grow and reach their goals while they also help us reach ours.

We have begun offering sponsorships, both cash and in kind, in limited numbers. As a newspaper already and an upcoming monthly magazine release on the calendar with content space to fill with news and information from around the world, we can always use more visibility.

Sponsorships help us do that by providing us with a means to get the word out to the pagan community that we exist and we support events and businesses that promote coming together as a community. The more unique, memorable, and fun the event the better. It does not have to be large or pagan exclusive, but it does need to be open to pagan participation.

In return, we have a preset sponsorship offering available that provides you with visibility to our community of paid subscribers, distributors, writers, and readers all around the globe in print and online.

We can also customize a package that works for you for cash and in kind or exchange for services. For in kind and exchange services, please contact us at the business office.

Our Sponsorship Package includes a 1/8 page block ad, a Web Carousel Ad, your Logo image in the paper on page 2 as sponsored by and here on our website, a Location Advertising Package, and a Directory or Classified Ad in both print and online for 1 issue cycle. It’s $480 worth of advertising services for an average of 6 weeks per issue online and in 1,000 printed copies.

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