About Us

Our Mission

At Metaphysical Times LLC, we believe that collaboration within the metaphysical community can lead to powerful results. Our goal is to connect people and help them work together towards common goals that they believe in.

By supporting and encouraging people working together to achieve their common goals, be it exchanging services, purchasing from each other, or just sharing information, love, and appreciation we can change the world.

Through our media platform, we can connect people from all around the world and provide them with unique and interesting perspectives. We promote and report on events that bring communities together and share information on varied practices and beliefs. By listening to our community via feedback and collaborating with them on their projects, we can foster endless opportunities for connection and growth within the community.

We invite you to collaborate with us and others in the metaphysical community. Together, we can achieve great things and create a more harmonious and sustainable world.

Our Team is the Global Metaphysical Community

We are certainly an eclectic mix of individuals all working together toward a common goal. We are also spread out around the world. We live the connection we talk about in our mission statement every day.

Without our ability to connect and collaborate with people around the globe, Metaphysical Times LLC wouldn’t exist. A lot of work from many people individually goes into the creation of each issue. We have to connect and work together despite our differences, time zone lags, and each of us have to have a passion for and belief in the purpose this business serves to keep it going.

Our Team

Christy Mann

Mom, Cat Mom, Author, Editor, Twisted Witch, Publisher, Co-Owner Metaphysical Times LLC

Henry Dalton

Logistics Specialist, Author, Gamer, Wizard, Husband, Cat Dad, Co-Owner Metaphysical Times LLC

Hobo Dalton

Familiar, Production Supervisor and Disruptor, Integral part of the team.

Sabrina Raven

Designer, Artist, Author, Kitchen Witch and Tea Creator


Alicia “Bene” Berbenick

Artist, Musician, Editor for Metaphysical Times LLC.

Rick Tschauder

Resting in Peace. Forever an Advisor, Consultant, Northwest Market Liaison,  back up editor, and supporter of everything we’ve done in our hearts.

Our Feature Writers

Catt Foy

Author, Psycards, Poet, Contributor to Metaphysical Times LLC.

Cat Gina Cole

Author of Psychic Skills for Magic and Witchcraft,

Free lance author and contributor for Amazon, The House of Twigs, Green Egg Magazine, and Metaphysical Times.