About Us

Our Mission

Our ultimate goal at Metaphysical Times LLC is to connect people and get them working and living together, peacefully and productively. Magic happens, truly, when people work together towards common goals that they believe in and want to be a part of.

The Magic is in things like religious beliefs, race, sexuality, and location becoming irrelevant. Skill sets of the individuals and the ability to work together to reach goals happens because everyone involved sees the good that can happen with their help. That becomes what matters. They can help.

Life and world changing things that have 0 budget, a small handful of supporters, and zero chance of getting off the ground, happen and get done anyway. Miracles do happen.

People learn about and come to understand more about various beliefs and all manner of things unknown to them previously when they work with a diverse group of people, and with understanding, acceptance of differences grows.

Being a global media company, we have unique and interesting methods of reaching people all around the world. Through our diverse team membership, the connections we have and develop with each other, we connect with our readers and connect them to each other.

From just letting people know a business they have been looking for is available in their area, promoting and reporting on events that bring entire communities together, and sharing information on varied practices and beliefs from all around the world, a reader finds things they personally vibe with and want to follow between issues, and/or a store they want to shop at. The options for connection are endless and so are the opportunities that can come from them.

Our Team

We are certainly an eclectic mix of individuals all working together toward a common goal. We are also spread out around the world. We live the connection we talk about in our mission statement every day.

Without our ability to connect with people, Metaphysical Times LLC wouldn’t exist. A lot of work from each of us individually goes into the creation of each issue. We have to connect and work together despite our differences, time zone lags, and each of us have to have a passion for and belief in the purpose the paper serves to keep it going.

Our Team

Christy Mann

Mom, Cat Mom, Author, Editor, Twisted Witch, Publisher, Co-Owner Metaphysical Times LLC

Henry Dalton

Logistics Specialist, Gamer, Wizard, Husband, Cat Dad, Co-Owner Metaphysical Times LLC

Hobo Dalton

Familiar, Production Supervisor and Disruptor, Integral part of the team.

Rick Tschauder

Advisor, Consultant, Northwest Market Liaison,  back up editor, supporter…

Sabrina RG Raven

Designer, Artist, Author, Kitchen Witch and Tea Creator


Rev. Jedite

Reverend, Doctor of Divinity,  IT  / Web support

Our Feature Writers

Nixie Vale

Author of Wicca: Charms, Potions and Lore. The owner and creator of the Ramblings of a Rainbow Witch communities. Columnist at Magical Recipes Online, and Metaphysical Times.

Columnist- Cosmic Magics, Natural Magics, Full Moon

Shashi Kadapa

Father, guru, author, IT specialist, and knowledge management professional

Columnist- Mythology in Hinduism

Catt Foy

Author, artist, spiritual counselor, publisher and Queen of the Psycards

Columnist- Recipes and Ingredients

Sabrina RG Raven

Full Moon, Cryptozoology Columnist, Recipes and Ingredients

Elyse Wells

Writer, Teacher, Full Moon Ritual Writer for Metaphysical Times