Hobo Dalton

Titles: Familiar, Production Supervisor and Disruptor, Integral part of the team.

Hobo is an almost 3 year old rescue from a Motel 6 parking lot that decided that we were his people. We believe he is an Egyptian Mau, based on our research of breeds that match his markings, attitudes, and behaviors. Most notably, his rabbit soft fur, gooseberry green eyes, tail that is slightly longer than his entire body, and being almost excessively vocal.

He literally barged his way into our room while the housekeeper was doing the daily cleaning and she and I were chatting. He leapt from the ground, over the housekeeping cart, and propelled himself into the room. He knocked everything off the top of the cart and the sound of everything crashing to the ground about gave the 2 of us a coronary. We wouldn’t have had any idea he had come into the room if he hadn’t wrapped himself around my leg and purred.

He refused to leave. He would hide under the bed, as tight against the wall as he could get, anytime the door opened, but would come out and act like he owned the place when the door was closed. We found out later that he had been left behind by a former motel guest and had gotten locked in a vacant and under construction room at the motel over a 4 day weekend with no food or water just the week before he claimed us. He was under weight, severely dehydrated, and so dirty.

He had to know we would love and take care of him (and orders from him), so he just made himself at home. He is our son (he is such a daddy’s boy), familiar in the most traditional of senses, and because of his constant involvement with behind the scenes work of the newspaper (photo proof), we’ve officially made him part of the MT team.

When I need a break from work, I can always count on him to step in…and claim my chair to nap, after a hard inspection to make sure everything is in order.

A great supervisor hard at…work? I think he was snoring, but he had to be in the middle of it all.

Where can we find you outside of Metaphysical Times?

The leg rest must be up. I must be able to stretch out, roll around, and jump up and down here whenever I want to.

I will holler at the top of my lungs to ensure adherence to my demands. Luckily, they love me, so I get my way a lot.