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The Pagan Preacher Podcast-The podcast is designed for Ominist spiritual seekers. Those individuals believing that truth can be found in many theologies and practices throughout the world. It is also, very helpful for those wanting to deconstruct from mainstream corporate religions.

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss Podcast Episode #2– With Henry Dalton as the co-host. We discuss instances where our own ignorance has led us to where we are, announce the Full Moon Magazine Birthday Giveaway and more.

Ignorance Isn’t Bliss Podcast Episode #1– this is a very new podcast. We live broadcast it and recorded it at the same time. It caused Paul’s side to be pretty choppy. We are working on fixing it before the next episode. We did it, it’s part of us, flaws and all. So, it’s here.

Full Moon Print Copy Reveal

Cat Gina Cole interview of Christy Mann of Metaphysical Times LLC

IAPN Radio Round Table Discussion Protesting and Events Talk

PRC Round Table with Roderick Edwards PT 1

PRC Round Table with Roderick Edwards PT 2

PRC Round Table Spirituality vs Theology

Author Chat with Alana K. Haase