Play is an integral part of a healthy and happy life. As adults, we tend to forget to play, and wonder why we are worn out and can’t seem to recharge, no matter how much rest we get or self-care we do. We need to play more.

If you watch children when they are playing, they aren’t just making dolls dance and cars wreck. They are creating challenges and testing different methods for overcoming them in a fantasy setting that they then apply to the real world. Learning and growing in the process.

Play is supposed to be fun, but fun is something we see as a luxury we only get to do when the work is all done, the bills are all paid, and there is energy left to enjoy something. It isn’t true. It’s a necessary part of being human. Your brain needs stimulation with challenges to overcome that are fun, not draining, and we have some options for you. Check them out and Play more!

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