Interview Opportunities

Metaphysical Times is proud and pleased to offer Merry Meet interview opportunities for artists of all types, business owners, and event hosts. Everyone can use a little extra promo, why not do an interview with a newspaper or magazine to get it? It’s Free!

Interview questionnaires can be easily downloaded here, filled out, and uploaded right back to us. All of the questions can be modified to suit your needs by you for a more customized interview, and they can be uploaded right at the bottom of the page. We will get the article placed either on our website, in digital issues of the newspaper published every 6 weeks, or in our digital monthly Full Moon Magazine, depending on where we feel they will get the optimal not just visibility, but actual leads from the interview. We will email you a preview and a placement location when it is completed, for review.

Because everything is digital, links will be clickable and our readers can click and get right to you and your offers immediately. Issues and posts on the website are archived so you can share links to them and add them to portfolios for the long-term.

An optional feature, if you would be interested in it, is an extended video interview exclusively for our paid subscribers. Let us know in the subject of the email that you would be interested in doing the interview, with a date and time you would be available and we will reach out to schedule it.

If you have a date set for an upcoming event, please notify us of the event name, date and time, and we will do our best to get the article published in time and in the right space to give your interview the most promotional lead time up to to that date for the best turn out possible (at least a week, but 30 days is optimal). Questionnaire questions can be modified to suit your needs if the way they are worded does not align with your needs as they are written, but keep the questions along the same lines and skip any questions that don’t apply to your circumstances. We will word the questions as if we are asking and you are answering them during our editing process.

Select the best interview type for you to download the questionnaire, fill it out, and upload it back to us today. ***Attention Apple Users*** Our system is not set up to accept .ipa files. If you are attempting to upload files from your iphone/ipad/mac, they are not going to come through to us. We apologize for the inconvenience and are working on a fix. We still really want your interview, so if you would email them to us at, with “Apple Submission” in the subject line, we will accept them that way until we can find a fix for this. We appreciate your patience.

A business can benefit greatly by doing interviews that help put the word about new products and services, and even sales they offer. Our reader’s prefer to shop local and are always on the look out for new places to get what they need (metaphysical supplies and normal every day needs too!). They also like to save money, so if you offer a discount code, drop it in the interview and we will make sure they see it.

We will also add the discount code to a list of discount codes that only our paid subscribers have access to, for some added exposure.

Looking to do a blog tour with your next book release? Add Metaphysical Times to the list! Our readers read a lot more than just metaphysical stuff and love hearing about new books coming out. They enjoy all kinds of genres too and might just become your next biggest fan!

Musicians! Do you have a new album coming out or heading out on tour? Let our readers know where to catch you with an interview anywhere in the world.

Visual Artists! Do you have a new piece up for grabs and want to display it’s beauty with the world? Maybe get a few offers on it and other works while you’re at it? Do an interview with us! Our readers love hand crafted products of all kinds and might just have the perfect home for your work!

Upload Completed Questionnaires here. No more searching around for the right email address to send it back to. Just come back to the page and upload it right into our system.

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