Write for Us!

Metaphysical Times is looking for quality metaphysical and pagan content for our paper. We serve a large pagan audience and would like to be the pagan community’s #1 News Source.

What We Want: Neutral news based articles relating to pagan holidays, metaphysical shop openings, new services available, and reports about and from events that are open to and accepting of the pagan community. Text based interviews with pagan business owners, musicians, artists, and authors are also acceptable.

Column writers are welcome to submit a request to write a column for the Metaphysical Times by emailing [email protected] with Column Offer in the subject line. Do not send article submissions to [email protected] They will be rejected. 

What We Don’t Want:  political rants or screes, satire, stories blaming your problems on other people, articles involving cruelty as entertainment, anything comparing your life to the holocaust, articles about how everything was fine until X, articles promoting violence against any group.

We are creating a new space for art, personal narratives, and articles with topics about the moon, its deities, fictional short stories, and poetry. Brief (600 words or less) personal spiritual encounters and experiences are also welcome.

The submission process and the rate of pay for these submissions published in the new space will be the same.

You will be notified upon acceptance where your article is going to be placed (in the newspaper or in the new space) with more information about the new space.

Readings of any kind are no longer being accepted for the print version of the newspaper. If you do astrology, runes, or other types of readings and have interest in writing a column in an upcoming monthly space, please email [email protected] and put Reading Column Request in the subject line. Do not send article submissions to [email protected] They will be rejected. 

Rights: One time Publication rights in 1 issue of the Metaphysical Times newspaper and/or the Metaphysical Times Full Moon, and electronic rights are granted to Metaphysical Times LLC. Reprints are accepted.

Artwork/Photos: Art or photos should be submitted at 300 dpi in jpg format to [email protected] DO NOT PUT IMAGES IN YOUR SUBMISSION. You will need to ensure that you either own the rights to, or have permission from the image’s creator to be used in print and digital formats by Metaphysical Times upon acceptance.

Payment: Due to circumstances beyond our control, payment for publication is halted until further notice.

Submission Guidelines

Submissions: We will only accept submissions online and according to these submission guidelines. Submissions from paid subscribers get top priority.

Submissions should be 300 to 600 words. Include a bio, your pronouns, and one link to where readers can connect with you (not counted in word count). Format your submission in standard manuscript format and include your physical and email address in the body of your emailed submission. Submissions without this information will be rejected. Please add [email protected] and [email protected] to your whitelist otherwise our emails to you may go to spam. This is for acceptances and follow up correspondence only. Do not send article submissions to [email protected] They will be rejected.  

You will get an email on acceptance for the current publication. Due to print limitations, articles may be held to be published in a later issue or other format, if the current issue is full.

Metaphysical Times may edit, trim, or rewrite an article at their discretion. Images submitted for your article must come with written approval giving Metaphysical Times LLC editorial rights to use the images in print, web, and social media. We may, at our sole discretion, chose an image from our library to accompany your article, even if an image is provided by you.

2023 Submission Deadlines:

2023 IssuesPublication DateContributor & Ad Deadline
Imbolc 3-1January 15thJanuary 6th
Ostara 3-2February 26thFebruary 17th
Beltane 3-3April 9thMarch 17th
Midsummer 3-4May 21stMay 12th
Lammas 3-5July 2ndJune 23th
Mabon 3-6August 13thJuly 28th
Samhain 3-7September 24thSeptember 9th
Yule 3-8November 5thOctober 20th

***Please note*** There are 2 Metaphysical Times accounts on Hey Publisher. Please favorite and send submissions to the Metaphysical Times LLC one. Submissions to the other will not be received and we can’t fix it or delete the other account. We apologize for the inconvenience but look forward to seeing your work!

***Attention Apple Users*** This 3rd party system is not set up to accept .ipa files. If you are attempting to upload files from your iphone/ipad/mac, they are not going to come through to us. We apologize for the inconvenience. Please use a program like Open Office or Google Docs to create and submit your articles. We appreciate your understanding.