Games and Paganism

Gaming is a massive space in the world today. In passing thoughts, it can be difficult to associate or directly correlate games to witchcraft and paganism, but when you take a moment, you realize that the vast majority of the most played games are infused with spells, rituals, herbalism, alchemy, deities, and so much more.

Much of it fantastical and not realistic, like casting fireballs, but it wouldn’t be just a game if you summoned a demon or burned your house down every time you played either. We love it for the idea of it being a step into the life and practices that many of us celebrate and honor on the daily, in a way that is easy to understand, doesn’t cause harm for real, and lets you freely explore all the options and form your own opinions.

We especially love that we have a writer who is also a gamer like us and has done some studies on characters in games and has written breakdowns that feature the similarities and differences of the real life inspirations for the characters. We include many of those here.

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