Directory of Services

Need a clergy or an energy healer? Looking for a new source for tarot readings or a new temple to join? Need to Commission some art work? You never know what you will find here. Connect with what you need today!

Art & Design

Sabrina RG Raven Custom art and design – paintings, logos, books and layouts

Astrological Collection and Art Work -Natal, Synastry, Composite Charts and Dream Interpretation
Trisha Landry 985-662-1072

Bene and the Gesserits IllustrationsCustom illustrations for books, podcasts, albums, posters and more


Salty Sea Witchery -tarot and oracle readings. Rose Martin St. John’s Province, Newfoundland, Canada


Inner You Healing- Sara Shipley, 208-201-4742

Intuitive Luminary Channel

Alicia Danielle Intuitive Luminary Channel – I can heal consenting beings, living or deceased, and circumstances in any point in time. Help with locating missing items.

Counseling Services

Brian Sharp Counseling LLC – Online counseling (TX, FL, CT, United Kingdom) & spirit mediumship

Multiple Services

StrangeLands Oddities, Omens & Charms– Foot Detox Spa, Spiritual Guidance, Counseling Visit their website today!

Printing Services

PrintNewspaper– Newspaper printing, mailout, and delivery services

Clergy Services

Metaphysical Times Clergy Services – ceremonies, guidance, rituals, blessings, and more.