Discount Code List

Huge thanks to our advertisers and distributors! We asked our advertisers and distributors to provide us with discount codes exclusively for Metaphysical Times Subscribers and they have obliged! Feel free to use any and all of the discount codes here to save a bit on your next metaphysical outing! 

This page is just getting started so there might not be many codes right now, but check back often because the codes here will give you the set discount listed. We are looking at adding discount codes for anything from a % off on a purchase, product or service all the way to discounts on festival and event tickets!

Healing Hands Metaphysical Store   MetaTimes22    Good for 25% off entire purchase in store only

The Egyptian Coffee Shop    MetaTimes22    Good for 25% off entire purchase in store only

Blessed Dreams LLC Blessed Good for 10% Discount in Store plus a Pixie Stick!