Emma Gardner

Titles: Writer, Reader, Mother, Editor, Witch

Emma has always been fascinated by the metaphysical world. I believe I received an affinity for plants from my maternal grandmother. She was always talking to her plants and you could always find blooms on them even in the middle of winter. She helped me learn some herbal remedies as well. I read tarot and have a knack for stone work as well. I love the things that the tarot can help people grasp about themselves. I find it more like a free-write (common writing tool) where you can figure out what is stopping your thinking. I love the free nature of it.

Why Metaphysical Times

I was initially a writer, then the newspaper needed some help with the back end of it. I have a penchant for writing and language and I felt I could help.  

My role is consistent with being an editor and writer. I read articles for concision and clarity and help edit them in a way that is conducive to a newspaper/magazine. I have been in this role for about a year or so. It has been a whirlwind. 

I have my Masters in Journalism and have been writing for a local newspaper for over 10 years. Because of this I have always had a real love of learning. Why do people do what they do and what draws them to certain ways of life. I found my magical self through one such educational endeavor and reading what others find fascinating has been wonderful. I love the push back between teacher and student. It drives me.

Where can we find out you outside of Metaphysical Times?