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Collaborator Program Enrollment

USD $0.00/mo for 12 months
Collaborator Program Enrollment
Collaborator Program Enrollment

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Collaborator Program Enrollment

USD $0.00/mo for 12 months
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Join Our Collaborator Program and Amplify Your Impact!

Become a valued member of our community by joining our Collaborator Program. As a collaborator, you'll not only support our mission but also gain exclusive benefits to enhance your own presence and reach.

Here's what you can expect as a collaborator:

  1. Featured Placement: Your business will be showcased on our Collaborator Locations page, providing direct exposure to our engaged audience. This includes a link to your website, allowing our readers to easily explore your offerings.

  2. Bonus Content Inclusion: If you offer a discount code or special offer for our audience, we'll feature it in our bonus content. This provides an extra incentive for our subscribers to engage with your brand.

  3. Discount Code Assignment: You'll receive a unique discount code to share with your followers, granting them a special offer on our products or services. Additionally, any sales made using your discount code will earn you a 20% commission, further incentivizing your promotion efforts.

  4. Optional Subscriber Benefits: While subscribing to our content is recommended, it's not mandatory for collaborators. However, we encourage you to join our community to better understand our audience and enhance your collaboration with us.

  5. Long-term Growth and Exposure: As we expand our reach into other markets and grow our audience, you'll benefit from increased exposure as a valued and vetted Metaphysical Times LLC Collaborator. Our continued growth means more opportunities for collaboration and heightened visibility for your brand.

  6. Featured Contact List: Collaborators will be placed on our Featured Contact List, giving them priority consideration for featured article opportunities in our publications. When we are looking for people to feature in our Merry Meet and Featured Artist pieces, we'll reach out to collaborators directly first, providing them with early opportunities for additional exposure and recognition.

  7. Occasional Social Media Recognition: We understand the importance of social media exposure, and while we may not be able to guarantee regular posts, we strive to share content from our collaborators whenever possible. Although most of our social media posts are automated or scheduled in advance, we do our best to support our collaborators through occasional mentions and shares.

Join forces with us and empower our community through collaboration. Together, we can make a difference and create meaningful connections that benefit us all.