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With multiple ad carousels strategically placed on our website using Ultimate Ads Manager and consistently getting over 500 unique visitors and over 200 repeat visitors to the site per month, we have an opportunity to provide our clients with online service to both a captive and a constantly changing audience!

Our publication schedule allows us to run ads for an average of 4-5 weeks per issue for a single rate! You won't find a deal like that anywhere else! No cost per click! No spend monitoring! No Audience Selection! No contract!

You create an ad, or have us create one for you for $100, once. We add it to each carousel on the site on publication day and let them run until publication day of the next issue.

We track and record views of each ad weekly. The week before our print date for the next issue, we tally up your views to that date and email you a report. You compare the report to your sales for the same period and decide whether or not to renew the ad or create a new one for the next issue. Come back here and purchase the ad for the next issue. 

Demographics Information

Print Volume: 1000 copies per issue

Unique Website Visitors Monthly Average: 400

Locations Carried: 3 States 2 Countries

Subscriber Locations: 26 States

Writer Locations: US, UK, India, France, and Australia

Metaphysical Times has been in circulation since December 2020. It started out as a way for Idaho Businesses to advertise locally and offer writers a new outlet, but it wasn't long before individuals and businesses in other states began inquiring about getting copies as well and writing submissions were coming in from all over the world. Writer's receive 1-3 free complimentary copies.

We had a massive drop off of distributors when we changed to a paid system. We are rebuilding from almost the ground up with Locations that carry and support the paper. 

Our goal is to become the most widely received newspaper in the world by 2025. With the majority of the global population identifying in the world census as non-Christian, our potential to do so is solid. We just have to get the word out. Each subscriber, distributor, and advertiser helps us get closer to achieving the goal.