Astrological Inspirational Guidance

Astrological Inspirational Guidance

Astrology Tile Mosaic, Ringling's Mansion (Courtyard)" by Clexow. CC BY-SA 2.0.
Astrology Tile Mosaic, Ringling’s Mansion (Courtyard)” by Clexow. CC BY-SA 2.0.

Aries-Your three cards are blessings, embrace and wholeness. The Universe has a lot of great things in store for you. Be ready to embrace them. In order to receive these gifts, you must possess self-love so you can enjoy everything that you have ever wanted. Stay connected to the forces and energies around you as they will guide you accordingly.

Taurus-Your three cards are enlightenment, clear your energy and steadfastness. Get rid of anything that no longer serves your best interest. It is holding you back from moving forward. Stay strong and be firm in your beliefs and desires. No one should ever tell you that you are not worthy of getting what you want. Open yourself up to the signs and messages around you.

Gemini-Your three cards are promises of the future, splendor and joy. It is important to take time for yourself by doing things that you enjoy. You can accomplish anything that you put your mind to. Just remember that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Keep your thoughts and actions in a positive manner. Love heals anything.

Cancer-Your three cards are guidance, insight and capacity to love. It is time to put yourself first. There is no time like the present to go after what you want in life. The Universe has your back and is willing to guide you in achieving your dreams. It is very important to speak your truth and allow love into your life by the proper person.

Leo-Your three cards are blessings, inner knowing and decision. The Universe has a lot in store for you and is going to give you everything that you want. Believe that it will happen and imagine your life that it happened already. Make sure to know all of the information when deciding what to do. Ask the Universe for guidance and they will show you the proper direction.

Virgo-Your three cards are splendor, healing and steadfastness. It is time to break out of your shell and be the person that you are meant to become. Stop holding yourself back from doing what you want to do. Live your life the way you want to. You are in charge of your own life. Stand your ground for what you believe in. Move forward, never backward. Love your life.

Libra-Your three cards are personal transformation, drive and empowerment. This is a perfect time to change your life for the better. The world is at your fingertips and you can make anything a reality. Work hard and keep moving forward. You are the most powerful tool that you have available. Balance is so important in creating the life that you want.

Scorpio-Your three cards are determination, concentration and revelation. Stay focus on what you are doing. You have the power, strength and focus to do it. Keep your eye on the prize. Information will be revealed to you so you can see things clearly. Whenever this happens, stay grounded and listen clearly. Communication is very important when dealing with others.

Sagittarius-Your three cards are candid, spiritual quest and enlightenment. Speak your truth. There is no one else like you in this world. It’s ok to be the most authentic version of you. Find your happy place and take time there. You have the power within you to make all your dreams come true. Be open to the messages coming to you from the Universe.

Capricorn-Your three cards are childlike expression, understanding and blessings. It is important to remember your childhood dreams and go after them. Keep your eye on the prize. The Universe has great things in store for you. Patience and balance is key in manifesting your dreams which will become a reality. Do one thing at a time.

Aquarius-Your three cards are positive outlook, wholeness and revelation. You need to find a balance in your life and that starts with your emotions. The highest of highs and the lowest of lows are not a place to be. The middle ground is the perfect place to live. It will give you complete happiness. The truth will set you free.

Pisces-Your three cards are perseverance, courage and reflection. It is ok to remember the past but do not live there. You can’t change the past, just remember the good times. Stop worrying about the future. Just live in the present. Speak your truth. Be a leader not a follower. This is your journey not anyone else’s. Live your life to the fullest.

The cards used are “Whispers of Lord Ganesha” oracle cards by Angela Hartfield with artwork by Ekaterina Golovanova and published by Blue Angel

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