Interview with Ari Bratis

Interview with Ari Bratis

Ari Bratsis is the owner and creator of an online witches’ shop called Apothecari, where she offers handmade witchcraft supplies and accessories, manages a personal blog on spirituality, reads tarot and hosts local groups to bring witches together.
Today we’ll be interviewing Ari and learning more about her practice, her influence on the community, and the creations she offers at her shop.
MT: “Ari, it’s good to meet you! I understand you manage your own online witches’ shop. How long now have you been running Apothecari?”
A: “I started Apothecari in May of 2021, so it’s been almost a year now; although I’ve been a practicing witch for much longer than that. I’ve been professionally reading tarot for almost 5 years as well.”
MT: “What inspired you to start Apothecari as a business, rather than just a personal practice?”
A: “I moved to Spokane two years ago and realized that the witchcraft community up here is thriving, which was a refreshing change of pace from some of the places I’ve lived before. I was getting increasingly serious in my own pursuit of witchcraft, and dreamed of running a metaphysical shop someday. One day, I realized that if there was any time to do it, it was here in Washington, with a supportive network of witches to connect with along the way. It also helps that I started to make some really interesting stuff, and I figured, I should share it.”

MT: “Absolutely. So, tell me about what you create for Apothecari.”
A: “Of course! I make all sorts of witchcraft accessories and supplies. Right now my best selling item by far is my Pinch of Everything Herb Kit, which is an organized kit of 28 different herbs used in witchcraft, each individually contained and labeled. It also comes with a guide sheet on the uses and toxicity of each herb included, which seems to be super helpful for beginner witches especially. I offer lots of other items too, such as spell jar necklaces, zodiac bracelets, miniature handmade broomsticks and more. Lately I’ve been having fun toying with some new ideas. I recently created a Crystal Ball, for example, which is not only beautiful, but fun to shake around and looks lovely on an altar. I’ve also created Incense Cats, a personal favorite of mine.”
MT: “That sounds interesting! What exactly is an Incense Cat?”
A: “I create these cat sculptures from polymer clay, and then bake, paint, and varnish them. The customer decides what they want the cat to look like, the name of it, and some other small details. They hold your incense for you and the ash drops into their ‘food bowl’, which I also make. It’s a cute, fun way to burn incense that I think is a little more interesting than your run-of-the-mill incense holder. Plus, it comes with a collar and a little adoption certificate. It’s something that I think adds even more fun to the craft in a small, yet adorable way.”
MT: “That’s great. So you create everything on your website yourself, in addition to managing your blog. I understand you also run an in-person local group, can you tell me more about that?”
A: “Yes! I run Witch Crafters of Spokane. It’s a small group of local witches that meet up every other Saturday for crafting. I realized that so many witches enjoy art and the process of creation, and so do I, obviously. So it seemed like a no-brainer to start arranging a local crafting group where like-minded witches can all hang out.”
MT: “What typically goes on in the average Witch Crafters meet?”
A: “Each session runs from 3 to 6pm and we keep it super laid back. Usually, I greet everyone who attends and sometimes we go around in a circle introducing ourselves with names, pronouns and fun facts as an icebreaker. The attendees are always different, so it’s a great way to meet new people, even if you’ve attended before. We like to listen to music and work on various art projects and chat. It is a 21+ only group, but anyone interested in witchcraft and art is more than welcome to attend. I provide most of the art supplies, but we also accept donations. Before each session, we vote on what we’d like to create and I try to make sure everyone has something to work on.”
MT: “It sounds like a lot of fun. Where can people reach out if they want to join?”
A: “Our group is active on Facebook, and we accept any witch over the age of 21 as long as everyone is friendly, respectful and open minded. I really aim to create an environment that’s welcoming to witches of all denominations and origins. And of course, it’s totally free to attend.”
MT: “Besides Witch Crafters of Spokane, in what other ways do you contribute to and engage with the witchcraft community?”
A: “I also run a personal blog on spirituality at my website, although with business picking up lately it’s been a little slow. I discuss all different aspects of spirituality and witchcraft. I’ve written about creating an altar, reading tarot, and shadow work, extensively. But I’d say the thing that really interests people the most on my blog is my mini-series, Witch of the Week.
MT: “Tell me more about Witch of the Week.”
A: Witch of the Week is a mini-series I write on my blog where I interview and promote another witch in the community. I usually interview the witch and collect some information from them like photos they want used in the article, business or social media links, things like that. It’s fun to write, and a great way to stay connected to the community. I’m always on the lookout for more witches to interview, too.”
MT: “Beyond Apothecari, in what other ways do you manage your personal practice? How would you describe yourself as a witch?”
A: “There are so many ways I practice witchcraft every day. Some of the things I’m most passionate about are shadow work, herbalism and divination. I’ve spent years extensively studying the tarot and have created several decks. I’m actually working on two other decks as we speak! I usually describe myself as an eclectic witch – I don’t really fit into any labels at this time, but rather I let my intuition guide me. I also believe that creativity is an inherently spiritual act, and so I truly pour my heart and soul into each of my creations, even the articles in my blog.”
MT: “Ari, it’s been delightful getting to know more about your practice and your shop. Where should we go to find out more about you and your business?”
A: “My website is and from there you can find information and links about Witch Crafters, my blog, and some of the art I create. Thank you for this amazing opportunity!”

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