Magical Waters Explained

Magical Waters Explained

by Nixie Vale

Sun Water 

One way to bring color into your own energy system is to drink it. When I say “drink it”, I mean just that; it’s just water that is in a colored glass which has been left in the sun. The sun will charge the water with solar energy as the water absorbs the properties of the chosen colored glass. Colorful Solar energy is deceptively easy to make and you only need a few things.

  • A colored glass – of your chosen color.
  • Water
  • A sunny spot where the glass can go
  • Colored cellophane (optional)
  • Cling Film/cellophane to cover the glass

-Step 1

How you are feeling when you are creating the Solar Water is important, so it is vital to take stock of how you are feeling. You can use a pendulum to see which of your energy centers need a helping hand.

-Step 2 

Choose a glass in the color your system is needing

Brown – Earth Chakra

Red – Base/Root Chakra

Orange – Sacral Chakra

Yellow – Solar Plexus Chakra

Green – Heart Chakra (Pink will work for the Heart Chakra too).

Turquoise – Higher Heart Chakra

Blue – Throat Chakra

Indigo – Third Eye/Brow Chakra

Violet – Crown Chakra

Rainbow – If you are lucky enough to find a rainbow glass like the one in the photo, you will be charging the water with the whole rainbow.

If you aren’t able to get a colored glass, you can use colored cellophane to wrap the glass. It is important to let light into the glass of water, even if you are using something to wrap the glass, light needs to be able to pass through it.

-Step 3 

Place the glass on a sunny windowsill or where the water can soak up all of the glorious solar energy.

-Step 4

Leave the glass for about 2 hours – you may need to cover the glass to prevent dust, bugs or other particles falling into the water.

-Step 5

Once the water is charged, drink the whole glass within half an hour as this is when the charge is at its strongest.

Notes About Coloured Solar Water 

During the winter you may need to leave the glass in the sun for longer, sometimes spending all day in the sun to charge enough to drink.

If you feel you need more than one color, set out more than one coloured glass at a time, then consume throughout the day.

If you are lucky enough to find a rainbow glass, you can use this one exclusively as it will work on all levels of your energy system.

If you are unable to get hold of coloured glasses, you can use a beaker instead. I prefer to use glass but sometimes it is safer to use a plastic beaker; especially when you have cats.

If you can’t get hold of voile or cellophane you can always use coloured glass beads in the water or water safe crystals- though I prefer the glass beads in this case as they are safer than some crystals – some of them can be harmful and toxic when mixed with water.

Full Moon Water

Image: the bottle of Moon Water from this month – it has a quartz rod for a little extra vava-voom

Moon Water is very simple to understand and even more simple to make. Moon water is water that has been left out to become charged with the properties of the particular moon it is being left under.

All you need to do to make Moon Water is:

  • fresh, or spring water
  • bottle or sealed container
  • leave it all night.

Have fresh or spring water in a bottle or sealed container – especially if you plan to consume it. Leave the water all night so it can soak up the Moon’s energy. It’s as simple as that. If it’s raining in your neck of the woods, you can leave a clean bowl out to collect some of this water… HOWEVER if you wish to drink the Moon Water for whatever reason, I recommend spring water charged in a closed container – that way it keeps all the nastiness out.

You can use Moon Water in your spells, and rituals. You can drink it (as long as it is clean and safe to do so). You can also use to cleanse and bless your tools and yourself. You can use it to wash your hair – it’s said to help with hair growth, though I have never tried to pour potentially very cold water over my head. You can water your plants or garden with it as well. If you’re making your own clay, or salt dough, why not use Moon Water instead of tap water?

It really has as many uses as you can think of. So, have a go and see what uses you can come up with.

Leo Water Properties & Uses:

  • Use Leo Water in spells or rituals when you need to choose a path
  • Leo Water helps you to be your most authentic self
  • Use Leo Water when a Fork in the road is coming

Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings

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