Darker and Darker Brews

Darker and Darker Brews

Coffee is probably one of the most potent and powerful magical elixirs there can be. Within the US and Canada, every single busy corner has a place where any random person with enough pocket change can get a cup, and most stores also carry grounds or beans in some form. The big question is can you add items to your coffee to make its magic even more powerful?

First things first: let’s get the materials right. Personally, I have used a cafe press in order to mix in the spice(s) with the grounds. One can still complete this task with a traditional coffee pot, and many other ways of making coffee. Single use coffee pods are not recommended, try getting used to the grounds. 

When adding spices to coffee, the spices should be in their whole form. Such as cinnamon sticks, cardamom pods, whole cloves, star anise, and actual nutmeg. You will need some tools if you decide to use nutmeg, such as a grater or a sharp knife to split it, but resist the urge to get ground for any of these spices. Whole ingredients lead to holistic intentions according to many practitioners. 

Other than hot water for the coffee, and something to put the coffee in as you drink it, you don’t need any further materials. It’s now about what intention you’d like to create with your spice combination before you add them to the grounds and make coffee as you typically would.

Cinnamon, cardamom, and cloves are the easiest of these spices to combine. All of them have some form of antibacterial or antifungal protection, leading them to make the strongest form of purification coffee. For best results, use one stick of cinnamon (five inches, thereabouts), 3-5 cardamom pods (adjust for taste, size, and preference), and three cloves. This may seem like a small amount, but these are potent in their whole forms and you will not need any more than this (unless, of course, your spices are stale). Note that cinnamon and cardamom both have folk and (potentially) scientific associations with sexuality and fertility–so be aware that if you’d like to downplay or tweak this element, adjust the other spices accordingly. Adding more of these elements will not turn this into a fertility drink, however. It will most likely upset the balance of the blend and otherwise make undrinkable coffee.

Another good combination is star anise and cinnamon, since anise has antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties–but be aware that it also has a strong licorice aftertaste that is not everyone’s cup of coffee. It’s a better alternative if you’d like to remove the sexuality/fertility associations with the cardamom pods and if you’re looking for something to protect you from hurtful words or messages. Nutmeg, with its sweet and nutty aftertaste (it’s the spice associated with eggnog), may also work well in this brew too.

One quick note about nutmeg: it’s a powerful and potentially dangerous spice with similar protection and purification properties as cinnamon, but it also produces powerful psychotropic effects. Medical recommendations are to not exceed any more than 1 teaspoon in any meal or drink. Dosing should be carefully monitored to insure one does not reach toxic levels. Reach out to your medical practitioner if you are concerned about overdose symptoms. The Nutmeg Uses, Benefits & Dosage – Drugs.com Herbal Database can help one understand the benefits as well as the issues. Cinnamon and Nutmeg have great properties including: antibiotic, antimicrobial, antiemetic, analgesic, antifungal, nervine, sedative, spasmolytic, and can also be used on work with hot foot powders, relief of skin irritations, salves, and connections with the Crown, Third Eye, Sacral, Root Chakras. If one is planning on using it for internal properties (beyond a few shakes in your coffee), please contact a local herbalist or internist to understand how it can affect your body. 

From here, experiment! Like one flavor more than another? Add a little bit more. Take away something else. Just be sure that you’re checking the properties of each spice. And as always, be sure that as you add your spice mixes to the grounds, you’re of a clear mind and complete the act with intention. You may also want to stir the coffee (even black coffee) in a particular direction to make your intention even stronger.

Coffee is not just a drink that will wake up even the most tired, it is a remedy for keeping all kinds of evil away if you just know what to add. Whether it is warding off a cold or flu, exhaustion, or a literal demon, keep a small pouch of cinnamon sticks, star anise, cardamom pods, whole cloves, and nutmeg to help guard you against the world. 

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