New Year Blessings from Our Families to Yours!

New Year Blessings from Our Families to Yours!

Happy New Year!!!

Our New Year Blessings to all of you.

May 2023 bring you all the things that move you forward.

May a mix of challenges and peace happen for you this year. Not more of one than the other. Both are needed for balance.

May your heart be open to and understanding that growth happens when you face adversity, not when things are pleasant and easy. Acceptance of that makes it easier to mentally, emotionally, and spiritually deal with adversity, so there is peace even in hard times. That is what we wish for you.

My your mind be open to and understanding that maliciousness and deceit are not at the heart of everyone. Taking the time to remember that people do what people do, and not everything they do works for everyone, that’s ok. It doesn’t make them evil. It makes them individuals.

May your spirit be open to and understanding that you are connected to everything and it all to you. Whether you can see the connection or not is irrelevant.

May your life be full of many different things, for joy is found when many things can be enjoyed at once.

May your desires be met, your long awaited manifestations take form, and your role in their achievement be acknowledged.

When we say we wish you the best, these things are what we mean every day of every year. Welcome 2023 with an open heart, mind, and spirit and 2023 will be a great year for you!!!

From all of us to all of you, Happy New Year!!!

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