Kindness Calendar January 2023

Kindness Calendar January 2023

What a year 2022 was huh? For us, it was a year of getting our bearings, figuring out how things would work and wouldn’t work, and a whole lot of striving to just keep moving forward.

We wouldn’t still be here without obvious and not so obvious acts of kindness. From donations via Patreon to people donating their written works for publication, we literally could not produce issues without kindness.

We publish this calendar in every issue because we believe kindness is really how the world moves. We set things in motion and magic unfolds because people help people. We work to perform acts of our own, and when/if we can’t think of a way to show kindness, we check the calendar. We hope you do too!

The Random Acts of Kindness Foundation creates the calendar and allows freely sharing it! Check out their website for age and location adjusted calendars, coloring pages, quotes, and so much more!

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