Becoming a Spiritual Vortex Hunter; the why and the how.

Becoming a Spiritual Vortex Hunter; the why and the how.

This year I have been internally drawn to travel more than in previous years. I often find myself in certain localities where “information” seems to be downloaded into my knowing. And while that last sentence might raise some eyebrows, there really is something metaphysically occurring at certain geographical locations.

These spots are known as a vortex and they are plentiful, all over the world. These are often found at sacred sites like Stonehenge, Macho Picchu, the Great Pyramid in Egypt but they are not secluded to only these types of places.

In broad terms, a vortex is believed to be a place within the grid of the planet that has spiral moving energy either being drawn to, or from, the location considered to be the “vortex”. If you live in the United States one of the most popular of this type of sites is within multiple areas of Sedona, Arizona. The energy produced or released within these vortices can be utilized for healing, spiritual growth, meditation, and energy work.

Like many of those on a spiritual quest, I have been learning to follow my intuition in all aspects of life but for clarity within this topic this is mainly in reference to geographical “callings”. And anyone who has developed a relationship with the universe knows at times when you try to stray or hold a selfish ego-based agenda you will be guided gently, or often comically, back onto the path you need to follow.

In the recent months, finding myself frequently within these well documented or on the “down-low” vortices, I can attest to their benefit. I believe if you are open to receiving the energy within these locations, they can absolutely amplify your spiritual awareness, balance your chakras, assist you in accessing your highest vibration, and help you better connect to spiritual and soul realms. So, if you need a booster, or clearer vision – follow where your inner voice leads or draw inspiration by locating a known vortex close to you.

Vortex Hunters has compiled a map to help you locate ones near you, and this list is forever being updated.

I promise taking time to be barefoot in nature, meditating, or practicing yoga within one of these spiritual ‘hot beds’ is like a re-start to your heart when it begins to drain from the daily attempts of getting through life instead of thriving to center yourself within the core mission of why you’re here in the first place.

Life is beyond messy, and so many different strings intertwined that have to be cut, or weaved together intentionally to reach the point you’re supposed to be. Sometimes you lack inspiration and need a little divine intervention to breathe you back to life. I fully believe these energy centers do that; it is like a deep energy soul cleanse, and who couldn’t benefit from an occasional one of those?

Personally, I have not yet intentionally visited a place with foresight of what I can obtain by doing so, but have been following the places that align with my 3-D world and the amount of confirmation I get when doing so is very overwhelming. Anyone familiar on how the universe communicates through synchronicities can relate that when you are being divinely guided and following through with where it is leading you the immense amount of universal corroboration can give you the feels as if you either dropped acid, are having a mental emergency, or what I know to be the actual truth; you’ve leveled up your consciousness and can see through all the wish wash of this surface level world into how interconnected we all are with each other, and those forces beyond the veil of physical incarnations.

The world is full of magic if you open yourself up to it.

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