Creator Heather Agosta tells us we can use this deck for divination, mindfulness, insight, as a Tarot clarifier, and to provide reassurance and encouragement. She explicitly states that the Opal Oracle is not designed for giving predictive readings.  Search for your “yes-or-no” answers elsewhere.

The physical cards are a little larger than most divinatory decks, but are slick and flexible, so shuffling is not difficult, no matter what style of shuffle you prefer to use. Instead of symbolic images, the cards show faceted mandalas in various sacred geometric expressions on a wide range of watercolor hues to convey mood and light. Each card then carries a short list of keywords (harness creative energy), a single theme word (Inspiration) and a brief explanatory paragraph.  The print is easy to read and the colors are truly inspiring.

A small booklet offers advice and suggestions for employing the cards for different intentions. The seventy-two ideas are truly designed to be uplifting and encouraging with single word titles like Expectation, Guidance, Listening, Pause, Patterns and Forgive.

Energetically, I can tell you that they feel light and beautiful, seeming to trigger the heart chakra and head chakra (for me, anyway).  I have worked with many decks over the years, but I only review the ones I truly feel drawn to. I believe users and readers will find this a valuable addition to their own collections.

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