What’s on my Altar

What’s on my Altar

Over the next few Sabbats I will be sharing my altars with you all, and this time I thought I would explain my altar, and why I have used the items on the altar.

Please Note

1) This is my sacred space and what I use may not be what you agree works

2) I am disabled, so my altars are not as complex, intricate or as I wish they could be

3) I have 2 cats, so I always try to have everything animal friendly.

One of the things that are on EVERY altar that I create, is a pair of hand-dipped candles from the Goddess Temple in Glastonbury. I was given them back in 2014, so every altar since has featured these, and I find that it ties all of my altars together in a special way. These candles never get lit, largely due to the fact they were a gift, and I know how much they cost – some special things are too precious to be used.

Last year I wasn’t able to find the Brighid’s cross that I made a few years ago, so that is missing, but here is a list of what was on my altar last year.

Salt, Bay Leaves and Candle (see below)

Soil and Candle (see below)

Salt & Pepper Cauldrons – I found these cute little cauldrons at under a fiver (they had damaged boxes) and I decided to put Salt and Pepper in them. Salt and Pepper can be used for protection, and having them on my altar means that my room’s sacred space is protected from negativity at all times. They change every new moon.

Imbolc Crystals – The crystals that I have used on my altar that I feel work well with the energy of Imbolc.

Herb Bundles – These are herbal bundles that I made back in 2020, I used Garden Sage, Rosemary, Lavender, Rose and Bay Leaf, all of which grow in my garden.

Crystal Ball & Cauldron – this wasn’t exactly intended, but rather a happy accident. I moved the crystal ball off the metal stand to put the Calcite Sphere on (I adore the stand sooo much) but I didn’t have one big or strong enough for the big ball, so my cauldron became a sphere holder.

Calcite Sphere – Optical Calcite is breathtaking, and this faintly golden color is perfect for this time of year with the sun not quite strong enough to warm the land.


Salt, Bay Leaves and Candle (with a Red Jasper Goddess)

This is a very simple altar piece I found floating around social media for years, and I now incorporate it into my own Imbolc Altars. It is a great way of welcoming the promise of spring if you have little space or time, and if you’re a closeted witch, it’s easily hidden and you can use a battery Candle if flames are a no no. The Candle represents the first signs of life that are starting to push through the earth into the sun. The Salt and Bay Leaves represent the heralding of Spring and the promise that lies within.

The Red Jasper Goddess is a figure of the Venus of Willendorf. Red Jasper is one of my favorites for strength, Balance and grounding, and over the years I have found that I can connect really well to the Earth’s energy with Red Jasper, which is why I got a Goddess figure in this stone. The fact she is the Venus of Willendorf is because she is shaped more like me

Soil and Candle

This is another version of the above altar style, but instead of Salt, I dug up some soil from the garden and put it in … originally it was in a bowl but Havoc decided that wasn’t a good idea, so I put it in a heavier Candle holder. The tea light represents the first signs of spring and life stirring beneath the earth. This is a more literal version really.


Different right? Well, for me drums represent the heart beat of the Earth, and as a deaf witch I find the vibrations of drums feel grounding and lull me off into a state of meditation. I actually have 2 drums, one has a slightly higher vibration, while this one is lower and I find more grounding and earthy.

*)0(* Rainbow Love, Light and Blessings *)0(*

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