Conversion to a Benefit LLC Benefits All of Us!

Conversion to a Benefit LLC Benefits All of Us!

We are very excited to announce that the conversion of Metaphysical Times LLC to a Benefit LLC is complete. This puts us in a whole new, yet unclassified, business category with only a small handful of other businesses who have shifted or converted to this new business type because only a few states have added the option. Utah is one of them. You can find more about the standards, purpose, and accountability requirements to create and maintain a Benefit LLC status here. If what you find there works for you and is available in your state, please consider it. We are at the point where we can help set the standards for this new category through our actions, practices, and business sense.

We still have to work through the name change process. We just reregistered the business for this year, so we are going to hold off on going through changing the name until we have to renew our licenses next year. It’s an added cost that isn’t absolutely necessary right now and we don’t want to create confusion by changing the name suddenly without everyone having a chance to see what is going on that is leading up to the change.

The reason we opted for the conversion was because we really want to be a good for the world business and we want people to know it the moment they meet us. We want them to know that we are conscious of the social and environmental impacts we as individuals and as a business have on our world, that we do everything we can to improve us and our business practices so that the impacts that are positive are wide spread and the impacts that are negative do as little damage as possible.

The benefits to us are simply being able to grow our reach and have people wanting to work with us, invest in us, and support us because of the purposes we and our business serve and make efforts to do that as environmentally conscious and positively effective as possible.

Being a business that produces tangible products, keeping our environmental damage impact at or even near 0 is wholly impossible. What isn’t impossible is making sure that the suppliers, printers, and product makers we work with are conscious of their impacts and do all they can do to keep it low on their end before we purchase things from them.

We can adjust our individual habits and make sure that we are conserving things like energy and water as much as possible. Recycling. Being cost conscious. Investing in things that move us all forward. Helping whoever we can, however we can, whenever we can.

Our team members and contributors are just as environmentally conscious and strive to help others as we are. Our practices depend on there being a healthy and thriving world with people who need what we can provide in it. We don’t have to demand it, because it’s already being done. It’s built into them and all they do as witches, wizards, herbalists, psychics, healers, and more.

The benefits for you are endless, but we will list a few of them here.

  • You can trust that the newspapers, magazines, and other products we produce are made with sustainably sourced items, use less harmful chemicals, are made in energy efficient and conservative buildings, and more because the people we work with are selected because they are aligned with our values regarding those things.
  • You save anywhere and everywhere we can offer it. Sustainably and environmentally friendly produced items are not always “cost efficient”. While we need profitability to stay in business and grow so we have to charge for our products and services, us being able to save you money, time, and energy, protect the environment we all live in, and provide aid in ways we can only currently imagine and plan for, we are more heavily focused on exceeding the value you get from us, then what you pay us.
  • The information we provide is wholly divine. The space we offer is open to all perspectives and walks, we don’t edit for biases based on any of our own personal beliefs, and we don’t pay for articles so when you’re reading, you can trust that the message(s) you receive are freely given, come from a place of love, support the purpose of connecting with the ones who need it, and not for any other purpose.
  • Your great-grand children and ours will still have a beautiful and thriving planet to call home, despite our “industry” being known as one of the most heavily polluting industries in the world for so long.
  • An archive of the history of our personal, individual, thoughts, perspectives, beliefs, and practices that bring us all together will be available for them to read through, so there is not as much guessing, lost in interpretation, and many of the other things that tear us apart when spiritual beliefs collide.
  • Profitability is no longer a “dirty” word. It means we are able to build and provide more things the whole community can/will benefit from. You won’t see us sitting on 7 cars and 2 million dollar homes. You’ll see us doing ok. Not homeless and hungry, but you’ll also see us paying tuition to Julliard for a brilliant dancer that might not get in otherwise. You’ll see us sponsoring pagan festivals in places that have never allowed them before. You’ll see us helping and supporting artists of all kinds in bigger and better ways because they have the things they need to succeed. You’ll see us able to send funds to support people in the midst of tragedies. You’ll see business owners pulling together to keep a fellow business owner going a bit longer after a hard economic hit. You’ll see us donating to causes.

We are truly excited and grateful for the people who have supported this endeavor at every step. Every one of you matter. It is our combined love for all, knowledge that the need for this space being available is vital, and that what we are working toward is already our reality.

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