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I remember when I first began following a witchy path, I had so many questions and no one to answer them for me, so I fumbled my way around, I am now lucky to have experience with these kinds of questions, so my hope it to answer some of the most popular ones fledgling witches have. Please note that all these answers are from my own opinions and experiences, and you may feel differently, but that is the beauty of a spiritual journey.

Working with the Elements

Where I live now has restrictions about smoke and flames, what can I do about this?

These kinds of restrictions can be disappointing, but they are not designed to dampen your spiritual journey, or stop your magic, it is important to remember these restrictions are for your safety. However, here is something to keep in mind when you find yourself under certain restraints.

Your body has minerals that are found in the Earth – Iron, Copper, Zinc, Calcium

Your body is around 60% water – I googled it.

Your lungs fill with air with each breath.

Your brain is firing electrical pulses as you read this.

No Witch is Perfect.

What happens if I make a mistake?

That just makes you human like me. No, really… As we make mistakes we can learn how to do things differently, we can learn who we are as a person from these struggles and adversity. I recommend making mistakes, getting things wrong and most importantly, don’t beat yourself up about it.

It’s okay to draw a wonky symbol – after 25 years, I still draw lopsided pentacles and other symbols. I have many in my Book of Shadows because they are me.

It’s okay to stumble or forget words in a spell – unless you have eidetic memory you are more than likely going to need the words in front of you. I have a terrible memory at the best of times, I always keep notes of spells, even if they have come “off the  cuff”.

It’s okay not to have the fancy and expensive tools – while I have 3 cauldrons, only one of them is “witchy” with a triquetra on, most of my tools are originally made for another purpose, or found in nature.

It’s okay not to have a cabinet full of herbs or crystals – okay, over the last 25 years I have collected quite the crystal  collection, but that began with the magpie in me, and then gravitated to healing and magical work. Do I need all of them for magical purposes? No, a simple piece of quartz is fine and if you can find it locally (or in nature) even better. The herbs, well you don’t need to grow your own, and you can start.

It’s okay if you can’t mediate straight away – This one scuppered me for a long time, and I did berate myself about it, but then I learned that when you try to force it, you are doing it wrong. Meditation is about relaxation, not winding oneself up into a slinky.


Why can’t I meditate?

This is a very complicated question to answer and it will largely be based on individual circumstances. I have found meditating very difficult since being diagnosed with Neuropathy, which causes painful tingling in my legs. This is why I can’t meditate very well, but here are some reasons you may not be able to.

Are you comfortable? You do not need to sit with your legs crossed, you can lie down or be in whatever position you find the most comfortable. If you aren’t comfortable, you will not be able to free your mind.

Distractions! One thing I learned is when you try to ignore something, it becomes a bigger issue, so let whatever is distracting you happen, and then set it aside, or let it go. The laundry is still going to be there, but if you need to use the bathroom, that will just get worse.

Don’t force it! When you try to do something and can’t get a handle on it, the worst thing you can do is force it, because you may find yourself being put off trying again in the future.

Gut Instinct or Intuition

What is the difference between Gut Instinct and Intuition?

Gut instinct and intuition are terms that are often interchangeable, but a good way to remember is that your “Gut Instinct” comes from the Solar Plexus Chakra while your “Intuition” comes from your Brow and Crown Chakra. Some people work solely with one or the other while some develop both. There is no right or wrong because we all process external stimuli differently.

The Importance of Grounding

Grounding is something that as a witch or any kind of energy worker knows is important, because it is a way of keeping our energy systems in a healthy state. Too much positive can be as bad as too much negative, because your energy is polarized. Grounding helps to being you to a neutral state to work from.

Walk on grass in bare feet.

Bury your fingers or toes into the soil.



Move and shake the energy away.

Hug a tree.

Have a bath or shower (shower is better as you can visualize the energy washing away)

Breathing exercises to bring you back to the moment.


Are my dreams premonitions or messages?

When it comes to dreams there are as many views as there are people in the world. Dreams can hold messages; whether they are prophetic or not, they can help you work through issues in your day-to-day life. Write down your dreams; especially those that are vivid and so real it’s hard to let go of. I keep my iPad next to my bed so I can quickly just jot it down without having to worry about finding a pen… because when I want one, I can never find one that works.

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