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Beltane is one of the sacred festivals of the Pagan Wheel of the Year, and I struggled to choose a deck that fit this festival; then I remembered I got a new tarot deck for my birthday. I will be using the Diablo: The Sanctuary Tarot, this deck is based on the Diablo game series, and based on the artwork for the launch of Diablo 4.

Aries – Ten of Pentacles – Financial security means a lot to you right now, and you are wanting a stable and long-term success. The energy right now is saying that you are nearing that point, but that doesn’t mean you can stop doing the work to maintain this stability and security. You have been blessed with abundance, but it is important to show gratitude and thanks for what you have. Don’t take your success for granted.

Taurus – Three of Swords – In the last few weeks you have been left feeling empty, heartbroken and disappointed, leaving you feeling deeply hurt. When you hold on to this hurt you are only turning the bitterness onto yourself, and the energy of the card is saying.. nope! It’s time to have a good cry about what has been happening and let that s**t go because this is all part of the cleansing process.

Gemini – Justice – This one has me split, because while I am being “told” that over the next few weeks you will be held to account for your actions, and judged accordingly. I am also getting that there is an important choice coming for you, and depending on what you choose, there will be long-term repercussions. You need to enter the next few weeks with truth and honesty, allowing yourself to be consciously aware of what future repercussions may arise.

Cancer – The Devil – Right now you are struggling with your Shadow Self and working on freeing yourself from the restraints that have been holding you back over the years. I am getting a sense that you have been looking for short-term pleasure and gratification which allows you to avoid deeper and darker feelings. It is time for you to look at your longer-term mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Shadow Work is rough because it must be.

Leo – Two of Swords – In the last few weeks you have known there is a tough decision approaching, and while you have tried to avoid thinking about the decision, it is still coming. You need to look at the different options that are ahead of you, because when you have all the information in front of you, you are able to make informed decisions you do not regret making. Make a conscious decision.

Virgo – The Hermit – Taking time for yourself is not selfish. The Hermit has come to you to tell you that you need to take some time for yourself to work on you. Over the next few weeks take time each day to contemplate why you do things, what is important to you and how you can start to express your most authentic self. Introspection is healthy, and you don’t need to have a week-long retreat in the mountains, all you need is some quiet time to yourself.

Libra – The Empress – The empress is the embodiment of nurturing, feminine and creative energy, and these come through many different forms, also representing abundance. Over the last few months you have felt yourself being blocked creatively, and the projects you have started have been left because you “run out” of creative energy. Take some time in the next few weeks to get in touch with your creative side without putting pressure on yourself (finger paint if you want). Use this to nurture your creative self.

Scorpio – Five of Swords – You have been experiencing conflicts over the last few weeks, but the problem is you do not know why they are conflicts because, they shouldn’t have been. Now you have a feeling of confusion and loss. Right now, you need to pick your battles, and not allow yourself to be drawn into petty fights or anything you know will not be good for either party. It can be harder to be the bigger person and not compete in an argument.

Sagittarius – Seven of Cups – Over the first few months of the year, you have been given so many opportunities that you have been overwhelmed, leaving you trying to project yourself into possible futures. Take the time over the next few weeks to make grounded decisions by doing research and choose which opportunity is best for you.

Capricorn – Eight of Wands – You have been experiencing blockages and obstacles with the plans you have been making, but now you start to experience things moving and falling into place. This is a very high-energy card and means you are going to be busy over the next few weeks. This momentum means you have the energy to reach your goals, being productive and accomplishing everything you have been wanting.

Aquarius – The High Priestess – The High Priestess is the guardian of sacred, subconscious and intangible knowledge and wisdom. Right now, you can peer beyond the veil and your intuitive work will be enhanced and heightened. It can be difficult to tune into your own intuitive abilities, but at the moment it is as easy as breathing, so spending some time each day to develop your abilities and listen to your inner voice.

Pisces – Six of Swords – You are in a state of transition and have been for a while. You have done everything to avoid this change, but it is time for you to embrace this transition and know that while you are moving into an unknown state, this is going to be better for you in the long run. Resistance to change is going to cause more harm mentally, emotionally and spiritually, more than it would to be uncomfortable for a while.

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