APRIL FULL MOON: A Ritual for Balancing Creativity: Full Moon in Libra

The theme of this year as the year of the Rabbit is creativity, restfulness, and healing. Libra’s energy is one of balance: use this moon to embrace balance in your creative side. Look for where you might need to favor rest over work. And see how that could be connected to your need for healing.

Maybe you have been neglecting your creativity in favor of working on “more important things”, but how has that affected your mental health? Often, we can feel ungrounded without these moments of creative release. Or, if your work is creative, when was the last time being creative didn’t feel like a chore? These are great places to look for balance.

Creativity is at the center of what makes us human: it’s a connection to the Divine. This ritual asks you to embrace your humanity and engage in creativity that works for you. If you write, paint, cook, knit, garden, bake, design video games… set aside an hour for this and bring those materials you use into a circle/sacred space with you when you’re preparing for the ritual. If you have a designated craft area, do this ritual there.

Materials Needed:

Your creative materials

Two candles: one white candle to represent balance and one color that represents creativity to you (such as orange or purple)

Anointing oil: 2 drops each of geranium essential oil for calming your mind, sweet orange for focus, and ginger for energy — add to 6 drops of carrier oil of your choice (olive, sweet almond, safflower, anything.)

Incense suggestions (optional but can set the tone): jasmine or neroli to call on Libra’s energy of beauty; or patchouli for balance.

The Ritual:

Hold the white candle in your hand and dip your fingers lightly in the oil. Begin anointing by holding the candle horizontally, then rubbing oil from the middle of the candle to the ends with the fingers of each hand. focus on inviting balance as you do so: picture balance in your life. What does it look like? How does it feel?

Place the white candle in a fire-safe holder and pick up the orange/purple candle. Begin anointing in the same way, but this time, picture yourself embracing creativity. What task will you work on today? Where do you hope to see it go from here? How will you work to balance your creative needs?

Place the orange/purple candle in a fire safe holder. Light the white candle, focusing on its energy of balance and harmony. Visualize this energy filling your body and your space.

Next, light the orange candle. As the flame takes, growing then settling in again, imagine it is your own creative flame being ignited. Get pumped for your creative time today! This is your time to flow!

As the candles burn, meditate on the feeling of full moon’s light shining down on you; either literally or visualize it. The moon is illuminating your creativity and your ability to balance it with your other responsibilities.

When you feel called to, speak out loud your intentions for finding balance for your creativity, such as: “I release any guilt or pressure that prevents me from pursuing my creative passions. I invite the energy of the full moon in Libra to help me find balance between my creativity and my other responsibilities, allowing me to live a fulfilling and joyful life.”

Take a few deep breaths and focus on the energy of the candles and the full moon. When you feel ready, begin your creative task. Allow the candles to fully burn out if you’re able to.

Remember that finding balance is an ongoing process, and it may take time and effort to achieve. Take small steps each day towards prioritizing your creativity and balancing it with your other responsibilities. Keep this image of peace and happiness in your mind when you’re trying to motivate yourself towards creativity. Go back to this place of balance, and bring it with you in your future projects, any time. Happy full moon in Libra!

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