“Hi. I’m a PEOPLE.” A campaign to change the world we live in before we all die.

“Hi. I’m a PEOPLE.” A campaign to change the world we live in before we all die.

I want to start a “Hi, I’m a PEOPLE.” campaign.

We are really starting to see the full effects of labeling of everything over the past several years now and I think most of what is happening in the world right now is a direct result of us no longer identifying and recognizing PEOPLE as PEOPLE.

All people have very specific needs just to survive. Food, water, shelter, and validation (acceptance that they are a living being with the same basic needs as anyone else) by the people around them. Without all 4 of those things, PEOPLE will die, and we as PEOPLE, don’t like to see other PEOPLE die. We help PEOPLE. We fight for the rights of PEOPLE. We mourn the unnecessary loss of PEOPLE. We do things we think can help PEOPLE.

We don’t do those things for not people, and in 2023, we as people are everything but people anymore. We are genders, sexual preferences, colors, capabilities, statuses, generational titles, and anything else we want to be and some things we don’t. We defend those labels to the death and force validation and acceptance of them, without realizing that we have literally labeled ourselves out of being PEOPLE.

Labels are not unimportant and being able to identify that as a person, we are a plethora of other things as well as a PEOPLE effects how we each as individuals live our lives, but we don’t need others to support those things in order for each of us as a PEOPLE, to survive. If we can just identify as PEOPLE, a living being that requires food, water, shelter, and recognition that we need and deserve those things in order to survive, we can do a better job of being together, helping each other, and thriving again.

I want to be a PEOPLE again. I want to be seen as living being that needs food, water, shelter, and validation to survive, and receive it because I’m a PEOPLE. I want to be able to meet other PEOPLE’s needs as well as my own, because they are also PEOPLE and not be ripped apart because I don’t address them as something other than PEOPLE. It’s the one thing that literally connected us with those around us, and we’ve called it so many other things now that no one is a PEOPLE anymore.

Hi. I’m a PEOPLE. Tell us you are a PEOPLE too in the comments! We want to acknowledge and recognize you as a PEOPLE.

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