Manifestation – What is it, how does it work? ;

There really is not Sorcery or Mysticism to this concept.

Manifestation is simply bringing an Idea into reality.

There is no one way to do this, the ways can be from the obvious to the realms of what one could consider Magic, this will all solely be based on one’s outlook and point of perspective.

But no matter what perspective you have on Manifestation, when it happens, it is Magical, if only the feeling you get from it.

To clear up the confusion and the science fiction view of it, the reality of the workings of Manifestation is quite simple, Basically if you want for something bad enough you will find a way to make it be.

I know this sounds like ” DUH ” but really it’s not so simple, as there seems to be a lot of things we want that we never get or never happen.

This is where “Faith” comes into play. No matter what belief system you adopt into your life, whether it be Religious, spiritual or Scientific, there is a core basis for some sort of faith in every one of these systems.

I will speak on faith from a Spiritual and Scientific point of view because these are the 2 systems that I have endorsed in my life, but I find these 2 systems as one for they exist as a unity in my life. I will just label this system as to the Scientific aspect of it for explanation purposes, that is Quantum Physics.

This science dictates that all forces and life in the Universe are Vibratory based,{Vibrational Energies} or {Frequencies} and that Energy seeks out Like energies.

This is otherwise known as the Laws of attraction.

So how does all this long winded jargon fit into what we are talking about?

Well it’s this simple, If you have faith in your belief structure, you know that the laws or rules supporting it are true, thus if you believe in a system and its rules you have a trust, this is the faith and faith is a positive energy.

So if you focus your thoughts on what it is you want, and stay focused on it, trusting that it is not impossible and it can and will be, then everything you do from that point, especially on the sub conscience level will be working in some way to accomplish that want, and if you want strong enough or bad enough, you yourself will make it happen.

That is the act of Manifestation, it is accomplished by you, not by Mystical powers, though Mysticism if that be in your faith system may give you the inspiration and drive to focus those positive energies in the manner which you need to Manifest your want, Just as prayer may be the Driving force for faith to a religious person.

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