Red Album Artist Interview

Red Album Artist Interview

Carole McWilliams of Crown Women

MT:  Welcome Carole and thanks for joining us today.  Can you tell us a little about you and how you relate to the Pagan Community? 

CM: I am a proud Crone and a practicing Witch. I’ve been a member of Crowwymyn since 1997. I enjoy singing with my coven sisters during our rituals, at Pagan festivals some of us attend, and on the three albums the Crow Women have recorded. I wrote several of the songs on those albums. We are in the process of recording a fourth as well as our contribution to the Red Album. I am retired and am involved with various non Pagan groups as well as the regional Pagan community. Landscape painting (desert and mountain) is one of the ways I occupy my time. Sometimes I even clean house.

Mostly I relate through our coven and through Ardantane, the Pagan retreat and learning center in New Mexico.

MT: What do you know and love most about Paganism?

CM: Really good people for the most part, the lack of judgmentalism toward people with different beliefs (with some exceptions). The respect for our Mother Earth, Her creatures, the Web of Life.

MT: What do you dislike most about it? 

CM: Can’t think of anything. 

MT:  If you could do anything to fix the world’s problems, what would it be?

CM: How much time and space do you have?  Probably climate change first to protect our global life support system for the future for all beings.

MT: We hear you’ve got a new album out/tour coming up/gig happening. Want to tell us about it? 

CM: We are in process of recording our fourth album as a coven, and a song, “How Dare You!” for the Red Album.

MT: What’s it called?

CM: Our new album doesn’t have a name yet. Our previous albums were Crow Goddess, Crow Magick, and Seasons. The Red Album is a compilation of Pagan artists to protest and express our outrage at the Supreme Court overturning of Roe v. Wade last year. 

MT: Can people get it online and where?

CM: Our albums are available at

Thanks for taking the time out of your schedule to speak with us. It is much appreciated.  We wish you all the best. 

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