Beyond the Celestial Veil

A Sci-fi Short Story Excerpt

By Christy Mann

In the distant future, humanity had colonized planets far beyond the reach of Earth. Among them, Arion-9 stood out as a celestial wonder with its glowing, amethyst-hued sky under the full moon.

The colonists of Arion-9 had developed extraordinary technology that allowed them to traverse the cosmos effortlessly. But one mystery had eluded them—the enigmatic Celestial Veil that appeared only during the full moon.

Dara Patel, a daring explorer, had a burning curiosity to uncover the secrets of the Celestial Veil. Many dismissed it as a mere atmospheric phenomenon, but she believed there was more to it.

On the night of the full moon, Dara embarked on her mission, piloting her sleek starcraft through the vibrant skies. As the moon’s light intensified, so did the shimmering veil that concealed the unknown.

With a deep breath, Dara flew her starcraft straight into the heart of the Celestial Veil. It was like passing through a kaleidoscope of colors and sensations, a surreal journey beyond the boundaries of known space…

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