Embracing Personal Experience in the World of Metaphysics

From a young age, our perception of reality is shaped by our surroundings and the people we interact with. For some individuals, the world they perceive extends beyond the ordinary, encompassing apparitions and scenarios that appear beyond the realm of the everyday. In this exploration of the incorporation of paranormal activities with metaphysics, we will delve into the journey of an individual who has experienced such phenomena since childhood and discuss how societal conditioning often molds us to conform to a limited version of reality.

Personal Encounters with the Unseen

As a young child, I was acutely aware of the presence of things that others couldn’t see. Ghostly figures, fleeting images, and even visions of events that unfolded in timeframes that surpassed the norm were all part of my reality. These experiences often left me feeling frightened, but also intrigued and then isolated, as I struggled to find validation for what I knew I was witnessing. In my Christian home, those kinds of experiences were shut down, prayed over, cast out, and I was made to feel guilty and wrong for having them in the first place. As if I could not have them.

I learned to live with the experiences and “deal with my demons” in silence by writing.  Journaling daily helped me create a habitual time and space for writing even when life got too busy. It allowed me a freedom to “talk” about the things plaguing me privately, without external judgements over how I felt. It took 40 years for me to get comfortable putting my writings out.

To lean into experiences and try to “figure out” what something I can’t explain with words could be rather than run away from it. I have spent years training myself to experience fear as a cue to proceed with caution; gain awareness, pay attention to detail, and explore with caution, instead of running away.

The Process of Conditioning

Growing up, society plays a significant role in shaping our understanding of the world. Parents soothe us by reassuring us that the monsters under our beds aren’t real, and as we mature, we are taught to differentiate between imagination and reality. Seeing and things other people don’t see results in being called crazy by our friends and family, trips to mental health practitioners for the equivalent of exorcisms by medication, and people turning away from us because we can’t act “normal”.

We are becoming more open-minded about things within society. Everyone has a camera in their hands these days, so more things have been caught and shared than ever in our history. We are still very hard conditioned and tend to believe most of it is created as hoaxes and is shared for entertainment. Not because it is real. We debunk in our own minds and pursue validation of our thinking rather than explore possibilities, more often than not.

Questioning the Unseen

The disconnect between personal experience and societal norms often results in doubt and self-questioning. We learn to second-guess ourselves, doubting the validity of what we sense. Our rational minds kick in, filtering our perceptions through the lens of logic and what is considered “real” by society’s standards.

This skepticism can lead to the suppression of our innate knowing and the dismissal of experiences that don’t neatly fit within the bounds of the accepted reality. Accepting possibilities, exploring, asking questions, and believing in the possibilities is seen as being woo woo, freaky, a witch, and other negatively charged words.

If we can’t question and pursue the unseen, we come to believe that our world is very small, everything is dangerous, and the only way to survive is to do what everyone else does.  Go to work and come home. We were built for more than that. We have to believe it, but we also have to act like it.

Embracing the Metaphysical Perspective

Metaphysics invites us to challenge the limitations imposed on our perceptions. It encourages us to explore the idea that our understanding of reality is only a fraction of what exists. The skepticism ingrained in us from childhood, while serving as a protective mechanism, can hinder our personal and collective growth. The journey into metaphysics encourages us to trust our intuition and consider the possibility that our experiences, however unconventional, offer insights into the complex nature of existence. It moves us forward.

The Evolution of Perception

To evolve as individuals and as a society, it’s imperative that we reassess our relationship with the unseen. Embracing the metaphysical perspective allows us to appreciate the interconnectedness of all aspects of reality, beyond the confines of the visible and measurable. Acknowledging our own experiences, even if they challenge the status quo, is a step towards expanding our understanding and fostering empathy and unity.

Incorporating paranormal activities with metaphysics offers a fresh lens through which we can view the unexplained. The journey of personal experience, skepticism, and self-discovery underscores the need for open-mindedness and self-acceptance. Embracing the possibility that our perceptions go beyond the boundaries of logic and the “real” can lead to a more profound understanding of the world and our place in it. As we challenge our conditioned beliefs, we pave the way for a more harmonious coexistence that honors the diversity of experiences and perspectives that shape our reality.

As we navigate the intricate tapestry of existence, we invite you to embark on a journey of discovery, one that transcends the boundaries of the known and embraces the enigmatic realm of the metaphysical. The road ahead is one of curiosity, self-discovery, and an unwavering commitment to expanding our understanding of reality. The path might be unfamiliar, but it holds the potential to reshape our perceptions and transform our lives.

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Embrace the Possibilities:

Fear has long been a barrier to unlocking the mysteries that surround us. Let’s transform fear from a mechanism that shuts us down into a cue that we don’t know enough about this but we can learn about it and see what it is. Embrace the possibilities that lie beyond the mundane, and allow yourself to question, to wonder, and to explore. By approaching the unknown with an open heart and a curious mind, we empower ourselves to learn, grow, and evolve.

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