The old mansion stood atop the hill, its decaying walls casting eerie shadows in the moonlight. It had been abandoned for decades, ever since the tragic incident that claimed the lives of the entire family who once called it home.

Rumors of hauntings and malevolent spirits surrounded the place, but Emma was drawn to it like a moth to a flame. She couldn’t resist the urge to explore the secrets hidden within its walls. Tonight, under the full moon’s watchful gaze, she ventured inside.

As she stepped over the threshold, an icy chill wrapped around her, and the air seemed to thicken with each breath. Undeterred, Emma pressed on, her flashlight guiding the way through the darkness.

A sudden creak echoed through the hall, making her heart race. She turned around, but the beam of her flashlight revealed nothing but empty space. Shaking off her unease, she continued deeper into the mansion.

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About The Author

By Christy Mann

Owner, Publisher, Editor and Author for Metaphysical Times LLC, a Benefit LLC with a focus on creating massive positive impacts on the global community of people through literature and other creative works. Owner and Publisher for Twisted Souls Press LLC. A publishing imprint for authors, by authors.

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