Embracing Unity: The Metaphysical Times Community Fund

In a world often marked by division and judgment, Metaphysical Times stands firmly committed to a different path—the path of unconditional support and unity for all people. We believe that every person, regardless of circumstances, deserves our respect, care, and assistance simply because they are people. It’s with this unwavering belief in mind that we proudly introduce the Metaphysical Times Community Fund.

What is the Metaphysical Times Community Fund? The Metaphysical Times Community Fund is a dedicated financial resource that allows us to offer individualized support to people from all walks of life, free from judgment and conditions. Our goal is to extend a helping hand, offer assistance, and make a meaningful impact in the lives of those we have the privilege to connect with.

How Does the Fund Operate? Our fund operates through various channels, ensuring flexibility and responsiveness to the diverse needs of people:

  1. Funding Sources: The primary source of funding for the Metaphysical Times Community Fund comes from proceeds generated by the sales of our merchandise. When you make a purchase, a portion of the proceeds is allocated to cover costs and taxes, another portion is pooled and donated to external causes, and the remaining portion is dedicated to the MT Community Fund.
  2. Donations: We are excited to announce that we now accept direct donations to the MT Community Fund via PayPal. Your contributions, made through our PayPalMe link with “MT Community Fund” in the notes, directly impact the lives of people just like you.
  3. Patreon Support: Additionally, funds from our Patreon account, generously provided by our supporters, are used to cover operational costs and strengthen the fund on a monthly basis.

Our Unconditional Commitment: At Metaphysical Times, our approach is guided by an unwavering commitment to unity and unconditional support for all people. We don’t just provide financial assistance; we offer support in whatever way we can. Unlike some spaces that base their assistance on judgments, we believe that every person, without exception, deserves our help. We don’t consider whether someone “deserves” assistance; instead, we respond to every request, offering aid, kindness, and support without judgment or conditions.

Our Ongoing Support: Our fund is designed to be flexible and responsive to the diverse needs of our community members. Here are some of the ways the Metaphysical Times Community Fund has already made a difference, continues to do so, and our aspirations for the future:

Actions We’ve Taken:

  • Sharing and Connecting: To date, we’ve achieved limited funding for our initiatives. However, we’ve been proactive in sharing posts from our community members seeking support, trying to raise funds for items people tell us they need through our own posts, and connecting individuals with resources that might provide what they require. Additionally, we’ve personally contributed what little we can from our own pockets, as well as our time and effort, to help people live happier, healthier lives.

Actions We Aspire to Take in the Future:

  • Financial Support: We want to expand our ability to financially support and donate to multiple GoFundMe campaigns and other fundraising efforts in small increments. We believe every little bit helps and this approach allows us to make a broader impact within our community by contributing to various causes and individuals in need.
  • Counseling and Support Services: Our vision includes providing or paying for counseling and other support services, including metaphysical and spiritual healing, bindings, banishments, protections, guidance, and more. We recognize the importance of mental and spiritual well-being within our community.
  • Education and Development: We aim to support community members in their personal and professional growth by offering financial assistance for classes, workshops, and event attendance. Education is a powerful tool for empowerment and self-improvement.
  • Creative Awards Program: In the spirit of celebrating the creative talents within our community, we aspire to create a creative awards program. Similar to the Dragon Awards for Writers, our awards program will recognize and support writers, musicians, and visual artists for their exceptional contributions to making the world a colorful, inspirational, and supportive one.
  • Disaster and Tragedy Relief: We want to be there for our community members during times of crisis. Our goal is to always be able to provide immediate assistance and support, including supplies and aid, in the event of disasters or tragedies that effect large groups of people in big and small ways.

The Metaphysical Times Community Fund reflects our belief in the strength of unity and our dedication to making a positive impact in the lives of all people. We don’t make judgment calls or question whether someone deserves assistance; we respond to every request with open hearts and offer support in whatever way we can. Join us in building a fund that exemplifies the spirit of unity and kindness that defines our commitment to all people.

How You Can Make a Difference: We invite you to be a part of this transformative journey. Your contributions to the Metaphysical Times Community Fund empower us to provide financial assistance, counseling, education, creative recognition, and disaster relief to those in our community who need it most. Together, we can create a compassionate and caring community that embraces unity and unconditional support.

Support the Cause: Visit our merchandise page and make a purchase, subscribe as a Patron on Patreon, or made a donation via PayPal!

Your support ensures that we can continue to make a profound difference in the lives of those who need it most. Together, let’s build a brighter, more compassionate future for all.

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