Join Us at Starwood Festival for a Magical Meet and Greet with the Witch and Wizard of Oz!

Join Us at Starwood Festival for a Magical Meet and Greet with the Witch and Wizard of Oz!

Calling all seekers of magic and wonder! We are thrilled to announce a special event at this year’s Starwood Festival—a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet the legendary Witch and Wizard of Oz in person!

Tamara Von Forslun, known affectionately as The Witch of Oz, and Oberon Zell, revered as The Wizard of Oz or simply Oz, are coming together for a magical gathering like no other. As international authors and pioneers in the realms of alternative spirituality, consciousness exploration, and magic, their presence promises to illuminate and inspire all who attend.

Oberon Zell, known far and wide as The Wizard of Oz, needs no introduction to those familiar with the realms of alternative spirituality and paganism. A visionary thinker, author, and co-founder of the Church of All Worlds, Oberon has dedicated his life to exploring the mysteries of the universe and sharing his knowledge with others.

The Wizard of Oz

Oberon Zell

The Witch of Oz

Tamara Von Forslun

Tamara Von Forslun, recently signed with Twisted Souls Press, is set to share her wisdom and insights as she embarks on a journey across the United States, spreading the magic of her acclaimed books under the Twisted Souls Press imprint. Raymond Buckland, curator of The Buckland Museum, bestowed upon her the title of The Witch of Oz many years ago, recognizing her as a beacon of light in the world of magic and mysticism.

At the Starwood Festival, Tamara and Oberon will come together in a rare and magical reunion, sharing stories, insights, and wisdom gleaned from a lifetime of exploration and discovery. This meet and greet is a unique opportunity to connect with two luminaries of the magical community, to ask questions, share experiences, and bask in the light of their wisdom.

The details of this enchanting event are still being finalized, but mark your calendars for July 9th through 15th, 2024, and prepare to embark on a journey of discovery and enchantment at the Starwood Festival. Stay tuned for updates and exclusive promotions in our publications leading up to the festival, including a special discount code for our readers!

Don’t miss your chance to meet the Witch and Wizard of Oz in person and experience the magic for yourself. Join us at Starwood Festival and let the adventure begin!

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