Games and Paganism

Gaming is a massive space in the world today. In passing thoughts, it can be difficult to associate or directly correlate games to witchcraft and paganism, but when you take a moment, you realize that the vast majority of the most played games are infused with spells, rituals, herbalism, alchemy, deities, and so much more.

Much of it fantastical and not realistic, like casting fireballs, but it wouldn’t be just a game if you summoned a demon or burned your house down every time you played either. We love it for the idea of it being a step into the life and practices that many of us celebrate and honor on the daily, in a way that is easy to understand, doesn’t cause harm for real, and lets you freely explore all the options and form your own opinions.

We especially love that we have a writer who is also a gamer like us and has done some studies on characters in games and has written breakdowns that feature the similarities and differences of the real life inspirations for the characters. We include many of those here.

We are always happy to consider reviews of games submitted. Table tops, card games, and video games are all welcome. Visit our Write for Us page to learn how to submit articles and reviews to us.

Cosmic Magics

To infinity and beyond…

Cosmic magic covers a lot of ground. We think of it mostly as astrology and anything having to do with the alignment of the stars and planets in our solar system, but it is so much more than that. 

It is what connects us all. 

You’ll find our astrological articles and more right here. 

Metaquizzicle Times

Mental stimulation and activation is an important part of holistic healing and growth.What better way to create that stimulation and activation than a crossword puzzle?  

The answers to each puzzle will be provided in the next issue of the paper, but can also be encountered as you read through the articles and features of the current issue. 

Enjoy the challenge and stimulation! 

Lammas 2022

Image Only- Puzzle Embed coming soon.

Midsummer 2022

Beltane 2022

Culture Corner

Paganism is global and varied. The beliefs, experiences, practices, and tools vary so greatly and yet can be much the same from place to place and person to person. 

Separation comes from a lack of understanding the differences and similarities between us. Our goal is to connect people around the world. We are fortunate to have writers willing to write about the the varied practices where they are from so we can learn, understand, and reduce the separations between us.

Read featured articles from our writers around the globe and their practices and beliefs here. Happy Reading!

From the Publisher

Welcome to the From the Publisher page, where I, as the publisher of Metaphysical Times LLC, share my thoughts, passions, and aspirations with you, our readers. Each of us explores and embraces the multi-dimensional nature of every individual, recognizing that limiting ourselves to one aspect is a disservice to our true potential—this is the essence of metaphysics.

On this page, I also share links to my website,, my witch blog The Twisted Witch, and our sister company, Twisted Souls Press LLC. These links provide deeper access to me and my personal work, including insights into my creative process, personal experiences, and a diverse range of other talented creatives I know, love, and support.

Additionally, I offer thought-provoking articles that have captured my attention from various sources. These articles have been personally read and vetted by me, ensuring that they provide valuable insights and perspectives. While I provide links for your convenience, please note that some may require a subscription or payment to access in full.

Our mission at Metaphysical Times LLC is to inspire and empower readers to pursue their dreams and live life on their own terms. We believe in the transformative power of literature to ignite imagination and provoke self-reflection, leading to personal growth and the pursuit of our full potential.

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May your lives be filled with happiness, blessings, and abundant reading experiences. Thank you for being part of this captivating adventure we call life. Happy Reading.

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