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Welcome to the first issue of the Metaphysical Times under the new ownership! I’m Christy, the new editor/owner and it is truly an honor and a privilege to create a newspaper that brings you information, awareness of resources you might not otherwise know about, some entertainment and so much more.

We believe that being part of the pagan community does not mean that we aren’t also people. We look for new places and ways to listen to new music, read new books, The Metaphysical Times is a pagan print and online newspaper made in Northern, Utah bringing news, interests, and services to the pagan community in the US and abroad. The paper is printed 8 times a year, coinciding with and themed based on the 8 Sabats of the Wheel of the Year. This publication is a conduit for connecting people from all walks with the new, information, and entertainment that matters to them.

The community as a whole is an eclectic group of people who come from different walks, paths, practices, and cultures all over the world. This gives us a golden opportunity to not only dispel a lot of misconceptions about pagans we all know still exist, but also to lay the groundwork for open discussions that unite us as people with different beliefs. As such, you will begin seeing ads for suppliers, shops, and services that might not be pagan, new age, or metaphysical to you. The information could still be useful to you as a person and that is why we selected it.

You will find information about varied beliefs, walks, experiences, and practices that may go against what you personally believe. We ask that you keep an open mind and heart as you read. We hope you find the changes helpful, useful, and as a service to you as a person first, everything else second. We appreciate your continued support more than you know and thank you for reading.

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