We have been test marketing a magazine concept monthly for a few months now with our paid subscriber list. It’s gotten great reception and feedback, but we still have a bit more work to do before we actually print the first full issue. There are a lot of really great plans, and many of them we have to keep secret still. We’ve reached the point where we can announce it now though! Metaphysical Times Full Moon Magazine, a Print version is coming August 1st, 2022!!!

A little about the magazine’s inception. When we purchased the Metaphysical Times LLC, the newspaper was a mix of news and creative works all blended together. It was beautiful, but we wanted to take it in a bit of a more newsy and informative direction and add some fun and interactive features without increasing the page count (costs). That meant fewer creative pieces could be published.

We had a large back log of them and we hated the idea of rejecting them and starting over. We also wanted to create something that we could put out more frequently. We miss a lot of news opportunities and events that happen in between the 8 major pagan holidays. Having something available that can catch and share those happenings with our audience so they can plan ahead and take action towards attending or buying would be beneficial to our readers.

So, the Metaphysical Times Full Moon was born. The staff met to brainstorm ideas and worked out enough details to get the first issue out to our paid subscribers in just a couple of weeks. We’ve modified and tweaked it a little bit with each new issue, and we kicked it off as a download inside a monthly newsletter back in April.

We are not ending that service. Our paid subscribers will still get the monthly newsletter with a condensed downloadable PDF of the magazine and all of the announcements happening with us.

We have added a 1 year subscription for the magazine to the products menu! We’ve also added a bundle feature so you can subscribe to both at once if you aren’t already a newspaper subscriber!

There is still so much more to come! Stay tuned!

By Christy

A published author of dark fiction, owner/founder of Twisted Souls Press, and owner/publisher of Metaphysical Times newspaper. It was her lifelong dream to write, publish, and sell a book on Barnes and Noble since she was a teenager. She realized that dream in 2019 and has shifted her focus to doing what she can, when she can to help others achieve their lifelong dreams, while still writing and publishing more of her own books.

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