WitchsFestUSA Free Ticket Winner

WitchsFestUSA Free Ticket Winner

Metaphysical Times wholly supports educated practice. Regardless of the path chosen, light or dark, energy can be dangerous when applied without knowledge and information. WitchsFest hosts one of the largest workshopping events in the country. It isn’t just about getting together and celebrating, it’s about educating people and taking steps toward bringing communities together not just despite their difference, but also with respect for differing beliefs.

When they approached us with a ticket offer to the event, we jumped on it. The ability for us to provide someone with an opportunity to learn from experienced practitioners and advance their own practice with guidance and support is a really big deal to us.

We held a contest on our Facebook Page to determine the winner. Guess the number of marbles in the jar is a classic and it worked well. We counted the marbles in the jar and Tyshyka Rogers was the winner! We are proud of her for wanting to attend and learn and can’t be more excited for her!

Congratulations Tyshyka from all of us here at Metaphysical Times LLC!!!

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