Fear of Some Psychic Boogey Man

Fear of Some Psychic Boogey Man

By Terri Ireland

Fear is the number one setback to development of psychic ability. Now fear has it’s place, it is necessary to warn us of danger, but it mustn’t control our decisions, choices, actions and goals. Fear may arise because you don’t’ fully understand a person or a concept, but that is all that is, a waypoint on the journey to understanding. Of course we fear the unknown, until we know it. Many times new practitioners are warned of potentially dangerous psychic activities. Sometimes you will hear things like, “Did you protect yourself?” and “You may have acquired an attachment!” All of this sounds ominous, but it needn’t be so. Our Universe is an adundant fabulous psychic playground. You are loved and protected, you just have to simply remember to put on your protection, as you would a jacket before leaving on a cold morning. While you are getting into a meditative state and settling in to visit with your guardian angels, or spirit guides, or to ask for guidance, you ask your guardian angels and Archangel Michael to protect you from all things in all ways, and “Shazamm” you are protected!

Many people and cultures are fearful and superstitious. Examples are black cats, the number 13, walking under a ladder, and a broken mirror. By enveloping yourself in the protection provided by Archangel Michael and your guardian angels, you can safely work on your psychic talents and communications with the spirit world. At the conclusion of your work/practice/meditation, always remember to thank the light-being for the protection that you were held within.

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